Are Tapestries Out of Style? – (Answered)

Are Tapestries Out of Style

Tapestries are an essential part of textile soft furnishings in interior design. Residential projects require different decorative and functional design elements including tapestries. So, the answer to are tapestries out of style is a big “No”. Tapestries are an evergreen decorative soft furnishings essential element. There are many reasons for tapestries to stay in style … Read more

Is Rattan Furniture in Style? (Answered)

is rattan furniture in style

Is rattan furniture in style? Well, rattan furniture has always kept its place in interior design industry. Interior design field is vast when it comes to incorporating ideas, items and material applications. Interior designers aim at creating attractive interior space ambience by using various materials and products. Furniture, feature walls and unique material applications have … Read more

[Top] Aesthetics House Concepts You Should Know

house aesthetics

Aesthetics house concepts is the one thing that can be a game changer for house owners, buyers and sellers. We all love and admire beauty in everything from nature, people to houses and much more. Aesthetics is all about appreciating the existence of beauty in many forms. Aesthetics house concepts are all about constructing a … Read more

Is Ceramic Tile Bad? (Answered)

is ceramic tile bad

Is ceramic tile bad? Well, the answer is no ceramic tile has its own unique advantages and value. There are number of tiles available in market, and all of them have their own benefits. Interior designers use these tiles including ceramic tiles for various purposes at different places in the house. Ceramic tile give your … Read more

[80] Interior Design Thesis Topics – Top Ideas List

Interior Design Thesis Topics

Interior design thesis topics refer to the subject matter interior design students select for their final year project. Interior design is a rapidly growing industry. It demands students to be trained in various areas with the subject of interior design. Students of interior design get stuck most of the times when it comes to choosing … Read more

Top [6] Advantages of Interior Wall Paneling

Advantages of Interior Wall Paneling

Advantages of interior wall panelling can range from making walls look beautiful to hiding it’s faults like dampness, poor craftsmanship, uneven walls, dents and chip offs. Interior design caters to many areas within a room space. Sometimes interior architectural elements like walls, floors, and ceilings needs to be treated. All the treatments are done according … Read more

Can You Mix Different Types of Wood Furniture? (Explained)

can you mix different types of wood furniture

Furniture is one the most important product in interior design. It dominates the maximum space in rooms. Can you mix different wood furniture? Well, yes you can blend in different wood furniture. Mixing different wood furniture is not a new experience for many interior designers and home owners. Interior designers plan spaces and decorate them with … Read more

What is Cladding Used For in Interior Design? (Explained)

what is cladding used for

What is cladding used for in interior design is an interesting subject to address. Interior design is all about creating beautiful ambience and planned functional spaces. There are so many ways to achieve these two very important requirements of interior design. Interior designers in modern times face many challenges. The most crucial is providing clients … Read more