What is Human Psychology? (Explained)

Human mind is a complex machine that continusely works in developing human responses. What is Human Psychology can be answered simply as the science of developing behavior against changes. (Positive and negative)  The nature of human mind to search, find answers, and develop responses is its typical characteristic. Human psychology is a deep subject that … Read more

Are Velvet Curtains Good? (Answered)

Curtains are an essential dressing element for windows. In an interior design space window curtains create an impact of their on. The answer to are Velvet curtains good is simply yes. Velvet fabric gives a rich, elegant and luxury look to interiors. Velvet is a good heavy material with a slight sheen that makes it … Read more

What Type of Carpet is Hypoallergenic? – Explained

What Type of Carpet is Hypoallergenic

What Type of Carpet is Hypoallergenic? Well, hypoallergenic carpets are know to resist allergies and are made of materials like wool, polyester and nylon. Carpets are an evergreen way of furnishing and covering floors. Carpets have been used for long enough by interior designers. Interior design industry is expanding day by day to incorporate many … Read more

Are Composite Materials Recyclable? Answered

Are Composite Materials Recyclable? Well the answer is yes composite materials can be recycled once the need arises. Composite materials recycling give way to new materials and products that meet the style and fashion demand of the target audience. Definition of Composite Materials Composite materials are made by combining a mixture of other materials through … Read more

Can Carpet Cause Health Problems – (The Real Risks)

Can Carpet Cause Health Problems

Can carpet cause health problems? Well, carpets can be a home to dirt, dust, pollutants, pesticides, allergens, pet dander and above all pollutant gas particles in the room can hide into your room carpets. So, carpets may damage your health over a period of time. Though carpet is an evergreen choice for covering floors of … Read more

Matte vs Satin Floor Finish – (Explained For Beginners)

Interior design is not just about designing calculated functional interior spaces only, it is at the same time about creating beautiful ambience. Wooden floor plays an important role in building up beautiful ambience. Matte vs satin floor finish have their unique importance when it comes to floor options for residential and commercial spaces. Modern and … Read more

Can You Gloss Mdf? (Answered)

can you gloss mdf

Can you gloss Mdf? Well, yes you can gloss Mdf (Medium Density Fiberboard) for sure, depending upon the need of the design. Mdf is an economical alternate to wood and one can literally make anything put from it. Mdf can be used to make furniture and other decorative fixtures and woodworks. Interior designers and contractors … Read more

Is kitchen Island Necessary? No, And Here Is Why

Is kitchen Island Necessary

Is kitchen island necessary is a question that has a pretty straight forward answer and that is “No”. Kitchen is place where different kind of activities are performed. These various tasks need space and tools storage. Traditional to modern kitchen evolution has introduced many concepts just like kitchen island. There are number of factors that … Read more

Is Art Deco Furniture Valuable? (Answered)

Is Art Deco Furniture Valuable

Art Deco furniture refers to the glamorous and luxury look and art inspired furniture. With it’s extra shinny finishes, geometric and flowing smooth curves, intricate wood inlay patterns, bold colors, and decorative metal accent add-ons this popular style emerged in France in 1920s. The answer to is Art Deco Furniture valuable is definitely yes. Art … Read more

How To Use Vases For Decoration? (Explained)

How To Use Vases For Decoration

How vases can be used for decorating? Well vases can be used in living room, entrance lobby, bedrooms, kitchen. They can be placed anywhere, from floor to table tops to wall mounted display selves. Interior decorating has a limitless approach to incorporating ideas, concepts into residential and commercial projects. Decorative vases are used in different rooms … Read more