Why is CAD Important For Interior Design? ( Answere

Digital softwares have been facilitating designers in various ways. CAD is important for interior designers as it saves time, and help in generating technical floor plans, elevations, and other interior related drawings. CAD software in interior design industry has become an essential tool for generating scaled and technically detailed drawings. Interior designers use CAD for … Read more

Should Accent Chairs Be Same Height As Sofa (Answered)

Accent furniture is a great way to support and compliment main furniture items. There is no rule that defines that accent chair height should match the height of sofa in a residential setting. There are a few considerations though when adjusting accent furniture in any room, especially living room. The prime factor to consider is … Read more

Is wood ceiling a good idea? Interesting Facts To Know

Wood ceiling is not a new concept, it has been around since long. Wood ceiling is a good idea for commercial and residential projects as it brings in warmth and style. Interior designers use many materials for cladding the ceilings. Wood is one material that transforms the ceilings beautifully. Wood ceilings have always been an … Read more

What is MDF in Furniture? (Characteristics Explained)

Engineered and composite materials have always facilitated furniture design industry. The answer to what is MDF in furniture refers to a composite sheet of wood that is engineered to replace solid wood surface economically. Interior designers use variety of composite materials including MDF for interior works. This short article will focus on what is MDF … Read more

Which Curtains Are Best For Bedroom?

Curtains are needed in almost every house with windows. They create a statement of their own when it comes to window dressing.The answer to which curtains are best for bedroom is simple, “they should be in layers”. Layered curtains have a few upfront benefits. Later in this brief article we will explore the main two … Read more

What is Interior Window Casing? (Modern Window Trims Explained)

Windows are an essential architectural elements that are build to let light and air fill the rooms. Interior window casing is the boarder that covers the window from all four sides to hide any gaps between dry wall and the window frame. Window casings are also named as window trims or moldings. Installing window casings … Read more

Sculpture Meaning in Art I Everything You Need To Know

Art as a self expression of an individual has been around for many decades. Sculpture meaning in art refers to as an art form that is either three dimensional or in relief. Sculptures have forms rather than shapes mostly. Art as a form of communicating thoughts through different mediums has a language of its own. … Read more

What is Luxury Style Decor? Things You Need To Know

Luxury house with perfect decor and ambience is a dream that we all strive to achieve. Luxury style decor is all about decorating interior spaces with expensive looking items like paintings, table lamps, rugs, chandeliers, and mirror frames, etc. Interior designers use many ways to make interior spaces look comfortable, functional and aesthetically beautiful. Using … Read more

What Is Retro Interior Style? (Explained)

Interior designers design their projects on certain themes and styles. Retro interior style is all about historic events, music, movies, bold graphics, nostalgic decor inspired style that were popular between 50s, 60s and 70s era. Whereas, 60s appreciated handmade materials for interior decorations. Retro means reviving old fashioned styles. Retro words has its origin in … Read more

What is The Purpose of Soft Furnishings? (Explained)

Soft furnishings are an important element in interior design. Fabrics are an unavoidable items in a house. The real quick answer about the purpose of soft furnishings is that they unit all the elements present in interior space. Interior designers and decorators have been using soft furnishing products in various ways in residential and commercial … Read more