What is Cladding Used For in Interior Design? (Explained)

what is cladding used for

What is cladding used for in interior design is an interesting subject to address. Interior design is all about creating beautiful ambience and planned functional spaces. There are so many ways to achieve these two very important requirements of interior design. Interior designers in modern times face many challenges. The most crucial is providing clients … Read more

What Are Earth Colors? (Explained For Beginners)

what are earth colors

Earthy Colors are an evergreen part of the color palette. Earth colors are a reflection of colors and their tones that exist on our earth. Interior design and decor involves colors as an essential ingredients. Designers play with different colors and their combinations to create an attractive ambience. Residential and commercial projects both involves various … Read more

[Smartly] Modernize Home Interior like A Pro

Modernize Home Interior

Modernize home interior is not a difficult task to achieve these days. Modernize home interior refer to designing your home interior using simple, uncluttered yet aesthetically beautiful approach. Modern interior design style has its unique importance, style and statement. Modern home interior revolves around using straight lines, flat surfaces and less patterns in design and … Read more

Interior Design Future Trends -Top 6 Trends [Explained]

interior design future

Interior design future trends will become smarter, healthier, digital and original. Technology and more awareness among people has been defining the interior design future. Global access has been playing its part as well, in making people understand the importance of interior design. Interior design future is shaping up everyday and hold many surprises for both … Read more

Are Leather Sofas Comfortable? What To Know Before You Buy

are leather sofa comfortable

Are leather sofas comfortable? Yes, top grain quality leather sofas are always comfortable for seating. Good supportive frames, soft cushions and warm blankets make leather sofa and chairs comfortable and relaxing. Leather though is an expensive choice for furniture upholstery. Leather furniture in the market is expensive and in demand as an evergreen choice for … Read more

Do Interior Designers Travel? Yes And Here is Why

do interior designers travel a lot

Do interior designers travel a lot? well, the answer is yes. Interior designers travel around the world for a number of reasons, from client meetings to buying items for their projects. Interior designers are likely to travel regularly if need arises. Designers work for companies who require them to travel locally and internationally depending upon … Read more

Maple Wood Advantages And Disadvantages

Maple wood advantages and disadvantages

Maple Wood Advantages And Disadvantages defines how it will behave if used for making diversified products. Maple is native species to Asia. However, some species are also found in Europe, Northern Africa, and Northern America. Maple has high usage in many different things. These are used in flooring, especially heavy-duty, which includes making bowling alleys, … Read more