Is Hardwood Flooring A Good Investment [Answered]

is hardwood flooring a good investment

We all have different taste of decorating and styling of house. Interior designers and decorators use various means to design and decorate houses. Installing hardwood flooring is an evergreen way of increasing the value of your property. Among many questions buyers and investors have in mind “is hardwood flooring a good investment?” Well, hardwood flooring … Read more

Do Interior Designers Hire Contractors – [Answered]

do interior designers hire contractors

Do interior designers hire contractors? The answer is “yes” they do hire them. Because interior designers and general contractors must collaborate, especially in a combined project design process, it’s ideal for you, the building owner or manager, to save time on your own schedule by monitoring this cooperation. Your contractor and interior designer must collaborate closely. So start by finding … Read more

Bubble Diagram in Interior Design Everything You Need To Know

bubble diagram in interior design

Bubble diagram in interior design is not a new term to understand for interior designers and architects. A bubble diagram is a freehand drawing made by architects and interior designers during the design process’ at the very beginning. It’s a very simple (hand) generated drawing (representing spaces) joined by solid, broken, or wavy lines, among … Read more

Victorian Decorating Style Interior – Secrets Interior Designers Follow

Victorian style interior design

I have always found interior design history as a rich source of inspirations. There are many different decorating styles in history to get inspired from. Among them the Victorian decorating style is an evergreen style representing rich, overly done treatment of ornamental design of every object from furniture to accessories. It fit and blends well in traditional … Read more

Wallpaper Behind Bed – Why Should You Use It?

wallpaper behind bedroom

Home decorating is a fun and interesting activity. We do decorating renovations in our rooms to make them look comfortable and attractive. Bedroom is a special and a very personal place for relaxing and taking a stress free sleep. Wallpaper behind bed is what most interior designers use smartly to create a relaxing yet attractive … Read more

Minimalist Contemporary Interior Design-[Explained]

minimalist contemporary interior design

Minimalist contemporary interior design is not difficult to understand. When looking for current interior design trends, you will come across minimalism. Then the question arises ‘what is minimalism?’ Minimalism is often thought of as something plain, bland, and boring. On the contrary, minimalism is the beauty of simplicity, clean lines, uncluttered and monochromatic palette. It … Read more