What Type of Carpet is Hypoallergenic? – Explained

What Type of Carpet is Hypoallergenic? Well, hypoallergenic carpets are know to resist allergies and are made of materials like wool, polyester and nylon. Carpets are an evergreen way of furnishing and covering floors. Carpets have been used for long enough by interior designers. Interior design industry is expanding day by day to incorporate many products like carpets and rugs. But with time carpets have been found to cause health problems like allergies.

This short article will explore about the hypoallergenic carpets. So lets dig into see how hypoallergenic carpets stop or reduce allergies.

What Carpets Are Hypoallergenic? – Best Carpet for Allergies and Pets

Interior design industry is growing considerably everyday. New concepts and better design products are being introduced to make lives better and comfortable. Carpet industry offer various designs and materials to interior designers for use in their commercial and residential projects,

Carpets over the years have been found to cause different skin and lungs allergies as they become home to pollutants and bacteria. Studies were conducted to see how different allergies caused by various factors like pet dander, dust and dirt can be avoided.

Some of the artificial man made fibers like nylon was found to be effective against the growth of bacteria as they are resistant to moisture and dirt. Wool a natural material can also be a safer material for carpet manufacturing industry. Nylon carpets are a good choice for allergy and asthma patients.

What is The Best Carpet For Allergy Sufferers?

Allergies are caused by different ways. Carpets are a major cause of allergies and other health related concerns like asthma and eye allergies. Carpets usually have tiny space that become home to many bacteria and pollutants. In United States allergies alone is a major disease.

Carpet industry is now a days manufacturing mostly hypoallergenic carpets made out of polyester, nylon. Anti allergy carpet is becoming a modern trend with interior designers for both commercial and residential projects.

Nylon is the best material in carpet that can be reduce or avoid allergy suffering people. It is not just the carpet material alone proper cleaning and maintenance about carpet is also a big factor.

Wool is considered as the best carpet for dust mite allergy. Wool naturally absorbs many pollutants in the air like cleaning chemicals, deodorants and small pollen. This increases the air quality and improve health conditions.

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What Type of Carpet is Hypoallergenic – Final Thoughts

Some materials both synthetic and natural have the tendency to reduce allergies like asthma, skin allergies, eye allergies, throat etc. One of the most common and likely way to cause these allergies is the tiny spaces in carpet that help hide bacteria, pet hair and dander along with other pollutants.

These synthetic fibers stop the growth of the rotten materials as the are mostly resistant to the absorption of moisture and dirt. Along with the materials caring about your carpet can also reduce the chances of getting allergies. Hypoallergenic carpets are therefore know for their manufacturing materials that can help reduce the allergies.

So! if you are looking to replace your flooring, go for hypoallergenic carpets, they can make a difference and improve your health quality.

Written by: Adil Masood Qazi