Does Furniture Have To Match? [Answered]

Does furniture have to match? Well the simple answer is a “No“. Furniture does not necessarily have to match other furniture pieces in the room. Furniture should rather compliment the other furniture items in the room. You can play around with different furniture finishes and sizes. 

We all love decorating our house with all the best possibilities.

Choosing furniture pieces for different room is a common practice. Mix & matching furniture items is an old practice which still works for classic style furniture arrangement. Modern day architecture gives you the liberty of experimenting with furniture combinations.

Interior Designers experiment with new concepts of planning and decorating. There is no rule to follow actually in building a great attractive ambience.

Designers and decorators though follow certain rules and style, but they blend and manipulate these rules at the same time.

In this article we will explore why matching furniture items is not necessarily required.

Everything boils down to tailoring all the ideas of decorating to the liking and taste of your decorating style. It was a traditional practice to match every furniture piece in the room from polish finish to upholstered fabric. But with contemporary mindset of interior designers this is confined only to classic interior style.

Interior designers use various concepts to enhance the beauty of the room. In doing so they experiment and break away from many old ways of interior designing. Instead of following the old practice of matching all the furniture items in the room, now they use different tricks to mix and match furniture.

So! now the answer to does furniture have to match is clear. You don’t really have to match your furniture pieces in any room.

Lets now explore some ways to mix and match furniture in any room.

How To Mix And Match Furniture – The Designers Recipe

Interior design now a days match different furniture items with each other using clever interior design techniques. It is always a very difficult decision when you are adding up new furniture items to the existing ones. You are always worried how they will mix and match or blend together.

Mainly sofa, coffee tables, chairs and consoles are the major pieces of furniture in any room, especially the living room. So! lets find out how interior designers mix and match furniture in any room.

Matching Through Furniture Fabric / Leather Colors 

I have used this techniques several times in my interior design projects. To give the environment a cohesive look this is perhaps the best way. Mix and match furniture fabric or leather colors works like magic. You don’t really need to exactly match the color of the fabric on different furniture.

Instead you can move in the same family shades, tones and tints. This way everything will blend naturally and not give the feel of a forced mix and match. Doing this will also create a variation of different mood, because colors tend to have certain affect on human behavior.

Matching Through Different Furniture Styles

You can smartly choose different furniture styles and make them blend together using the above technique. With furniture you can match the polish finish of the wood. Just like matching colors and textures furniture wood finishes can tie up furniture pieces together.

The trick with matching through furniture is that you need to select one main style, and use it as primary style. while other style furniture should be used as supporting item. Choosing same shapes of different styles works well also in give cohesive feel to the room.

Mixing Through Scale

Scale of furniture or decorative items plays an important role in giving a corporate look. Interior designer cleverly match scale of furniture items like chairs and console to give that feel of unity and matching.

designer create a sense of balance and visual attraction. Everything in the end makes an aye believe that a certain matching has been achieved.

Mixing Furniture Through Patterns

Mixing furniture pieces and matching them can be achieved through the use of patterns in fabrics and soft accessories like cushions and sofa back throws. Similarity in patterns and color in fabric and furniture carving can make furniture mix and match.

Final Thoughts on does furniture have to match?

The final result that interior designers and you want to achieve is a great looking ambiance. You can experiment in mix and matching furniture using the techniques mentioned above. But there is no rule that furniture have to match with the other furniture pieces. The corporate look can be achieved by blending different styles of furniture smartly.

Play around and use your create sense to blend everything in any room to create an attractive looking environment.

Written By: Soha