Is Art Deco Furniture Valuable? (Answered)

Art Deco furniture refers to the glamorous and luxury look and art inspired furniture. With it’s extra shinny finishes, geometric and flowing smooth curves, intricate wood inlay patterns, bold colors, and decorative metal accent add-ons this popular style emerged in France in 1920s. The answer to is Art Deco Furniture valuable is definitely yes.

Art Deco has been a popular style with designers for long enough to be considered as an evergreen furniture style.

Like any other furniture style Art Deco Furniture Style holds an important place for interior designers and decorators. Every furniture style is an evergreen style, and all boils down to the interior designers and decorators how do they use it in their interior projects.

After it’s emergence in France in 1920 it became a popular mainstream style. Since then the contemporary designers have been using Art Deco Furniture as an accent decorative addition to interior spaces they design.

There are number of factors that make anything valuable from furniture, paintings to collectables in interior design industry. 

Let’s explore what makes Art Deco Furniture valuable.

Is Art Deco Furniture Valuable – A Quick Inside.

Art Deco Furniture Style was inspired by art and design discipline. Art Deco is a reflection of art exhibitions trend in Paris in 1925s. It was accepted by people as a sexy, sleek and glamorous arty furniture style. Arty Deco Style can easily be referred to as a combination of architecture, visual arts and design.

What Makes Art Deco Furniture Valuable?

There are many qualities that makes any furniture piece valuable. Furniture qualities varies from each other by marginal differences. For people who hold a particular taste for furniture know, how period furniture styles can bring in style and personal statement in interior spaces.

Here are a few factors that makes Art Deco Furniture valuable:

Period style

History is full of many great art, design styles and movements. They become source of inspiration for artisans like furniture craftsmen. Art Deco furniture is a result of such an inspiration creations.

Modern or traditional constructed homes can accommodate such period styles from history not only to create beautiful looks and to reflect tasteful interior approach, but also to raise the value of the property.

Art Deco Furniture becomes more valuable just because of this one particular reason alone. Art Deco Furniture has its own presence among other furniture styles, and surly Art Deco Style is capable enough to add value to any residential or commercial property.

Art Deco Furniture is not considered as antique but any manufacturer can get good value by reproducing this style though good craftsmanship.

Art Deco Furniture Looks

Overall looks and appearance of Art Deco style is what makes the furniture likeable and valuable. As mentioned above this style has its unique characteristics. The style has an amalgam of inspirations drives from architecture, visual arts and design.

The uniqueness of all these forms of art makes Art Deco Furniture appearance glamorous and decorative. Further the overall surface treatments, like the intricate wood inlay work, bold colors, glossy finish, decorative metal add-on makes the style attractive as well as valuable.

In the reproduction furniture, the quality and resemblance to the actual style of furniture is the key catch. If these two qualities are met the furniture piece price can handsomely rise.

Art Deco Furniture Quality

Wood quality in evaluating the price of the furniture is what matter the most. There are many types of wood furniture makers use. All woods define the purpose for their better usage.

If the wood is seasoned, and has been treated well through out its manufacturing processes that means the furniture becomes valuable automatically.

Art Deco Style furniture requires good quality wood, at times both soft and hard woods. Soft wood is required for carving the inlay work onto the surface of the wood. Hardwood is required to make a solid and stable furniture structure. 

Art Deco Furniture Finish

Variety of finishes play their role in bringing out the Art Deco Style look and feel. Starting from the decorative artwork on the surface of the wood to the final layering of shinny gloss paint or polish finish matters a lot. 

The value of Art Deco Furniture relays on the factors mentioned above including the very important final furniture wood finishing treatment.

Is Art Deco Furniture Valuable – Final Thoughts

Art Deco Furniture reflects a popular item from the timeline. It has its own set of characteristics that defines it and makes it stand out in its own unique way.

Interior decorators have been using Art Deco Style Furniture pieces as accent pieces, like consoles, coffee tables, end tables, study tables, etc. in their projects. People like such pieces to bring in a change of style and taste into their interior space.

From entrance lobby all the way to bedroom Art Deco Furniture can be incorporated as an accent piece. The value of Art Deco Furniture is an evergreen, and this furniture style will be used as an easy add-on in resident and commercial spaces for years to come.

Written by: Adil Masood Qazi