Is Chippendale furniture valuable? Yes, Here is Why

Is Chippendale furniture valuable? Well! yes it is valuable some pieces get sold in millions of dollars and some under $1000, as an evergreen antique furniture style.

Interior design is an interesting field that reflects lot of things and not just an ideas or space planning. Furniture in interior design is an important part.

Interior designers experiment with furniture styles to make interior spaces look unique and interesting.

Antique furniture pieces are rarely used by interior designers because of their very high prices.

Though antique lovers still buy them regardless of their high price.

Historic and antique furniture market place is very rare. Antique furniture pieces are sold through limited auctions.

Why is Chippendales Furniture So Expensive

Chippendale furniture has turned into a well known antique furniture brand. This style of furniture has a global audience that really appreciate its characteristics and buy it.

Chippendale furniture no doubt bring that personal statement of taste, style and class in elevating the interior of any house.

Chippendale is still used as major accent furniture in residential and commercial interiors.

Chippendales furniture is named after a famous cabinet maker named Thomas Chippendale. He was a British furniture designer born in Otley, Yorkshire.

Chippendales furniture style refers to English furniture between 1750- 1760.

Chippendale furniture became prominent in 18th century, and still is very popular among interior designers around the globe reflecting a class and style of its own

Chippendale unique construction style, less expensive upholstery fabric and affordability by masses made it a popular furniture style.

BBC clip on Thomas Chippendale

Chippendale mainly fall into 3 style. Gothic, Rococo, and Chinese. Chippendales furniture style is valuable still, and many interior designers use it for decorating home spaces.

Let’s explore the key reasons Chippendale furniture is popular and valuable by knowing its characteristics.

Chippendales furniture characteristics makes it valuable and popular

Is Chippendale Furniture Valuable

Chippendale furniture has number of unique design elements that are not outdated and are still used in various furniture style.

These elements (Like furniture legs, ball-and-claw feet and certain carving motifs) to some extent became the normal design parts of the furniture today.

How to Identify Chippendales Furniture –  A quick list

Chippendale furniture is highly valued in antique market place. Chippendale furniture dark wood, its unique style legs and feet hold an attractive appeal to antique collectors.

I have mentioned a few characteristics below to identify Chippendales furniture.

  • Ball and claw designed foot of furniture legs
  • Sturdy but well proportioned construction
  • Exquisite and extensive carving
  • Carving is the main ornamental feature in Chippendale furniture
  • Chairs have carved back that becomes broader at the top
  • Wide upholstered seats
  • Taller furniture pieces have broken pediments at the top
  • Skirts and aprons where generally carved on chairs and tables
  • Chippendale thought Mahogany wood was the most suitable for Chippendale furniture style
  • Case style furniture usually had Pilasters and columns at the edges

These characteristics makes interior designers admire Chippendale furniture. Many modern day furniture makers replicate Chippendale style.

But they sell such furniture pieces as replicas that hold no historic or antique value. The original Chippendale chairs hold a greater value among the other Chippendale furniture items

Chippendales furniture antique historic quality makes it valuable

Chippendale furniture is an antique style, and this quality alone makes it a strong contestant for being a valuable furniture item.

Chippendale furniture have been around since the 3rd quarter of the 18th century. It has not lost its popularity as a style.

The rich carving style with detailed craftsmanship has always made it a favorite for interior designers.

Despite of Chippendale being an antique style it has a certain fashion appeal and character. This makes it as an evergreen furniture style.

The refined carving, attractive proportioned furniture structure and its 300 years of antique existence makes it a valuable furniture style among designers.

Antique furniture is expensive, and so is Chippendale furniture. Antique collectors basically look for 6 criteria while buying antique furniture.

These criteria are furniture piece age, looking for real craftsmanship, the style of furniture, material used and its quality.

Chippendales furniture decorative and accent look makes it valuable

Chippendale furniture has a very stylish and attractive look. This quality makes it as a good accent furniture piece for contemporary interior design market.

Accent furniture pieces are not main furniture pieces in the room. These are the supporting furniture pieces. Chippendale chairs are normally used on both sides of console.

Some modern console carry the features of Chippendale style as well.

Chippendales mirror frames are a good addition to any room. Decorative furniture pieces are always valuable for interior designers.

Such furniture pieces bring character to interior design environment and break the monotony of visual boredom.

How can you tell if Chippendale is real?

Original Chippendale furniture marks its value at a higher end. Therefore for it is important for investors and Chippendale furniture style lovers to know if they are buying an original piece.

To know if the furniture piece is original buyers look for the evidence of craftsmanship along with few other factors.

They also look for wood shrinkage and hand sawing traces.

Marks made by tools and uneven joinery are a few common factors one should look for in original Chippendale furniture.

One should always remember that Chippendales furniture was totally hand made.

Therefore knowing if the piece is original is not that difficult.

What is the most expensive piece of Chippendales furniture?

Chippendale furniture sell for a considerably higher price in auctions. Sotheby’s in London’s recent auction a commode crafted by Thomas Chippendale  sold for $5,980,438.

This makes it the most expensive English furniture piece in the World. Chippendale furniture original pieces are expensive worldwide.

Final Thoughts

Chippendales furniture has a strong historic background. It as been a popular furniture style among British and American people.

With Chippendale furniture’s signature characteristics it has every been an evergreen furniture style for classic interior design environments.

The three qualities mentioned above are enough to make Chippendale as a valuable furniture style for interior designers.

Above anything else historic context alone makes any furniture pieces as a valuable possession.

Written By: Adil Masood Qazi