Is Rattan Furniture in Style? (Answered)

Is rattan furniture in style? Well, rattan furniture has always kept its place in interior design industry. Interior design field is vast when it comes to incorporating ideas, items and material applications. Interior designers aim at creating attractive interior space ambience by using various materials and products.

Furniture, feature walls and unique material applications have assisted them to accomplish the goal of creating wonderful environments.

In modern interior design world rattan furniture has kept its presence as a decorative accent furniture piece. Initially rattan furniture was preferred as outdoor furniture. With time and unique developing concepts, it was used as accent furniture indoors also, to enhance the interior design styles.

Rattan is considered as solid, strangest vines in the world. It is strong, durable and yet flexible enough to be woven into complex furniture design.

This article will explore if rattan furniture is in style. Let’s dig in and find out!

Is Rattan Furniture in Style? – A Quick Inside

Rattan grows in rain forest. Rattan is kind of a natural renewable palm that grows in tropical regions of Asia, Africa, and Australia. Rattan is mainly used for manufacturing furniture, handicrafts, and as material for creating feature areas in interior spaces.

One of the qualities of rattan is that its reed type wood is weather resistant, strong and flexible for bending and weaving. Rattan usually comes from secondary plant growth like stems and vines.

Rattan furniture as mentioned earlier was used as outdoor furniture. It is considered as the toughest furniture for outdoor settings, mainly because of its excellent weather resistant quality.

But interior designers started using stylized and designed rattan furniture for interior spaces. Accent furniture like rattan is used as decorative supportive furniture.

Interior designers bring in unique touch of style by using decorative rattan furniture as accent furniture in lobby areas, corridors, bedroom, living room and where ever it makes sense.

Interior designers mix rattan furniture with modern furniture smartly, avoiding any visual disturbances. Rattan chest, corner table, rocking chair, and side console, etc are blended or adjusted with regular wood furniture.

Rattan furniture give an excellent accent support to almost all decorative styles like contemporary, boho, traditional and even classic.

[Top] Advantages of Rattan Furniture 

There are number of advantages of using rattan furniture. Benefits of rattan furniture makes it to stay in style for  interior and exterior spaces.

Here are few advantages of rattan furniture:

  • Strength of rattan wood is the quality that makes it as the number one choice for outdoor furniture.  Rattan has vertical grains that becomes the reason for it’s strength. Rattan solid vines when processed or joint together they become as solid as any other wood
  • Durability, rattan furniture is durable because of the strong rattan vines and  “wicker” the style of weaving vines or stripes of rattan material together.
  • Light weight, rattan furniture is light weight. It is easy to move because of its light weight quality. Rattan furniture mostly chairs and sofas have removable cushions which leaves rattan furniture structure light in weight.
  • Wicker beauty of rattan furniture is another quality that makes rattan furniture still popular and top consideration as accent furniture piece.
  • Rattan is stylish, rattan furniture is stylish due to its natural appearance of wood and vines. The flexible rattan material allows it to be woven into amazing intricate patterns. The traditional and contemporary feel and look can be easily achieved in rattan furniture. Its decorative and stylish look makes it a good accent furniture for use in interior spaces.
  • Eco friendly, rattan furniture is made out of natural vines, it is a good green sustainable option. It can be recycles easily into other useful items.
  • Easy to maintain, rattan furniture can be easily cleaned when required. A mild soapy water is all you need to clean the rattan furniture pieces.
  • Coastal look, rattan furniture gives a coastal and tropical look and feel. It is a good material to give you relaxing holiday vibes.
  • Warmth, rattan has the natural tendency to bring in warmth into the space.
  • Reasonable price, rattan furniture is an affordable furniture as compared to other solid wood furniture. It is available in many versatile decorative patterns.

Is Rattan Furniture in Style? – Final Words

Rattan furniture is an evergreen option when it comes to accent furniture. Rattan vines present natural and sustainable solution as a material to furniture industry worldwide.

So, the answer to is rattan furniture in style is yes”. Interior designers and house owners can use rattan furniture as space filler accent furniture in various rooms and corners of the house.

If you are looking for accent furniture pieces for your rooms, try using rattan furniture as an affordable, easy to get and yet highly decorative solution.

Written by: Adil Masood Qazi