Should Accent Chairs Be Same Height As Sofa (Answered)

Accent furniture is a great way to support and compliment main furniture items. There is no rule that defines that accent chair height should match the height of sofa in a residential setting.

There are a few considerations though when adjusting accent furniture in any room, especially living room. The prime factor to consider is the visual aesthetics.

Accent furniture is a supporting furniture item that fills an interior space. Accent chairs are an important part of furniture placement, and should be well placed.

In general, variations in seat heights of furniture adds an interest in an interior space.

The only rule that defines that accent chair height should be same as of sofa is visual aesthetics.

Some interior designers are of the opinion that accent chair seat height should be more or less with in 4 inches range to that of sofa, well they maybe right.

But, it is not a rule, and 4 inches variation is not that an obvious visual difference to decide the seat heights.

The decision of choosing accent chair height depends on its style, and the fact that it has different set of ergonomics than sofa.

Accent Chairs are placed mostly away from the sofa, in this case the seat height of chairs could be decided as per aesthetic values.

In case if the accent chairs are closer and at the two sides of sofa, their seat heights could be same.

To create an interest the back height of accent chair can be increased.

This will create a visual difference between the seat heights of the two pieces.

In a nut shell the seat height of accent chairs could be same as of sofa or higher than sofa.

The only rule in both case to apply is the visual aesthetics, and balance in overall furniture plan.

Written by: Adil Masood