What is MDF in Furniture? (Characteristics Explained)

Engineered and composite materials have always facilitated furniture design industry. The answer to what is MDF in furniture refers to a composite sheet of wood that is engineered to replace solid wood surface economically.

Interior designers use variety of composite materials including MDF for interior works.

This short article will focus on what is MDF and it’s use in various furniture items.

So let’s dive in..

MDF stands for medium density fiberboards. It is manufactured using waste of solid wood and soft wood.

It has its own unique characteristics (strength & durability and ease of work) that makes it as a popular material.

Engineered wood MDF can withstand the changes in heat and humidity better than solid wood. But continues exposure to damp conditions can cause damage.

MDF is considered as an upgraded form of ply wood and practicle boards. Engineered MDF sheets are used in movable items as tops basically.

For example medium density fiberboard sheets are used to make tops of coffee tables, tops of console table and used in doors of kitchen cabinets etc.

MDF sheets are typically used for flat furniture surfaces and as alternative to solid wood which is getting expensive with time.

Top brands like Ikea are the biggest users of medium density fiberboards in their movable items.

It’s low cost and durable, this makes it as the best composite material for furniture.

MDF furniture can last up to 10 years easily, and with proper care maybe a little more.

Therefore it is extensively used in different furniture products and wood works in both commercial and residential projects.

You can paint, polish and gloss MDF furniture to create it’s looks so that it can blend with your interior style and compliment other items in an interior space.

MDF in Furniture – (Various Items List)

Medium density fiberboards in furniture are used in different ways and for various furniture items.

  • Lightweight beds
  • Console tables
  • Study tables
  • Cabinet doors
  • Wardrobes
  • End tables
  • Coffee tables
  • Shelves
  • Indoor planters
  • Storage units
  • Dining tables
  • Portable beds headboards

These are just few of the main furniture/movable items where MDF is used as their top surface.

Medium density fiberboard material is ideal to be used in the making minimalist furniture products. Modern office furniture is mostly made using engineered wood sheets.

Engineered wood in furniture as raw material is economical, and is very helpful in producing contemporary furniture designs staying within a budget.

So, in a nut shell engineered wood in furniture is used as a contemporary material with its specific advantages and ease of acceptance by the buyers worldwide.

Written by: Adil Masood Qazi