Are Crystal Chandeliers Still in Style? (Answered)

Lighting has always been an important and a very careful selection for interior designers. Crystal Chandeliers are an evergreen trend that reflects a unique class and style.

The rapid growing interior design and decor industry demands new ideas, materials and products to incorporate easily in any interior space.

Crystal chandeliers have been around for years and will continue to be a vital decor item in lighting.

This short article will answer why crystal chandeliers are never out of style.

So, let’s dive in..

5 Reasons Crystal Chandeliers are an Evergreen Trend in An Interior Lighting 

Crystal Chandeliers have been used by interior designers in different residential and commercial projects for many years.

Here is a quick list of factors that make crystal chandeliers remain in trend:

  • Luxury style

Crystals have the ability to enhance light through refraction when they are designed to become part of a chandelier.

Crystal chandeliers reflects a luxurious image when they are installed and used smartly in an interior enviornment.

Interior designers use real crystal ( real crystal have  24% – 34% lead oxide) chandeliers in luxury mansions and villas to portray an expensive and luxury outlook.

This is one of the reasons crystals chandeliers have been around since long as an evergreen light fixture.

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  • Bright Illumination

Crystals are transparent in nature and can pass, refract light easily.

This natural quality of crystals provide excellent illumination in interior spaces.

Crystal chandeliers therefore are a perfect choice for dining rooms.

Well lit space creates a unique ambience, and crystal chandeliers have their own unique presence in any ambience.

  • Focal Point

Crystal chandeliers comes in various sizes and designs. Chandeliers are the most suitable light fixture for dining, living and entrance halls.

Crystal chandeliers instantly become  a focal point in the room.

It adds interest and focus of attention in the room by creating an impact of its own.

  • Blends With Contemporary and Classic Interiors

Crystal chandeliers can blend well with both modern, and classic interior design settings.

Crystals in the chandeliers creates a romantic and majestic impact in interior environments.

This ability of crystal chandeliers makes it remain in style.

  • Classy and Fashionable

Crystal chandeliers look very classy, tasteful and a fashionable style statement.

This factor also makes these chandeliers an ideal choice. Crystals are not common in ceiling lighting fixtures and therefore if used masterfully looks very stylish.

The above mentioned 5 factors are more than enough in making crystal chandeliers as an all time favorite choice as a ceiling light fixture.

You can get crystal chandeliers from and many other popular chandelier brands online.

So, if you are planning to install new ceiling light fixtures just go for crystal designed chandeliers for creating a magical impact in your rooms.

Written by: Adil Masood