Is Graffiti In Bedroom A Good Idea? No And Here Is Why

Is Graffiti In Bedroom A Good Idea? Well! it is not a good idea for a serious bedroom wall. Graffiti in bedroom can work out for teens or anyone who demands graffiti bedroom wall. I will recommend to use graffiti art in bedrooms on only custom demands of clients. Graffiti has been popular as a kind of street art, whether it is graffiti, symbols, or phrases, for decades.

“Graffiti is form of visual arts” according to Britannica. Graffiti is taken from the Italian word graffio (“scratch”), has a long history. Markings have been discovered in ancient Roman ruins, that mean the earliest traces of modern day graffiti.

Graffiti is most commonly found on public or private property walls. It may be found on both the inside and outside of trains, subways, and buses, as well as in transit stops or shelters.

Graffiti is becoming increasingly popular as a means for bringing old buildings and dull structures back to life. However, there is a third option to use graffiti within your own home as well. It will depend upon your liking and if you really want an area in your house with graffiti especially bedroom walls.

It’s not an interior design element that we employ very often because spraying graffiti on your furniture or the walls of your living room is a really risky move.

Is Graffiti on Bedroom Wall A Good Idea – The Real Insight

Graffiti has a real bold way of creation attached to it in the form of shapes and color. Bedroom as a space demands coziness, relaxation and comfort. Using graffiti can disturb this philosophy and function of design. Since graffiti is a busy visual art, it might not work as bedroom environment.

As a custom choice graffiti bedroom wall can be painted. But, remember the architecture and space planning must justify the graffiti use in a bedroom space.

The use of graffiti might work if the style of the interior design can blend with it. The industrial interior design style can incorporate graffiti art work. Teens bed room wall can be designed with graffiti art, since teens like such art forms.

The point here to understand is that graffiti room design does not reflect a serious interior design element. Graffiti on one or more walls may be a pretty interesting for a teen’s bedroom. Graffiti can be made or graffiti wallpaper can be used.

How to Choose Graffiti Theme For Teens Bedroom

Teens love artworks specially when an art work is trendy and stylish. Graffiti has always influenced modern day teens. They will surely love to have graffiti painted on the wall of their bedroom.

Their are a number of ways you can decorate the wall of your teens bedroom in a fun way so that he or she likes it.

Graffiti Theme for Boys Bedroom Wall

Boys are very energetic and love various sort of themes when it comes to decorating their room. Funky, exciting and adventurous themes are the best for creating graffiti mural wall. One of the best areas to paint graffiti is the back wall where bed will be placed (Behind the headboard).

You can select such themes for boys as mentioned above. The graffiti themes may include their favorite cartoon characters, favorite tag lines, street signs and music lyrics of their favorite songs.

Graffiti artwork is a combination of many design elements. You can select a huge boys type color range starting from blue, blacks, maroons to yellow orange and greens.

You can also ask your teen boys what they would like the graffiti wall to be like and then paint accordingly.

Graffiti Room Design Theme for Girls Bedroom Wall

Girls are a bit more selective than boys. They have different colors palette than the boys. You can select themes like mermaids, doll houses to favorite girls cartoon characters.

Their graffiti wall can have song lyrics and fantasy wonder land like landscape. You can ask your teens girls and make a list of things they like on their graffiti wall.

You can ask them what color combinations they like and than ask the graffiti artist to paint the graffiti mural in such colors.

How Graffiti Can Bring Character To Teens Bedroom

Graffiti is a strong expression of art. It reflects the personality of the persons. Graffiti room design for bedroom wall ideas can become the part of interior design ambiance. Graffiti can bring in the character which your teens want in their bedroom.

As discussed above teens can have different themes for the graffiti art on their bed room. As a part of the complete interior design environment graffiti designs will bring in the required character in the room.

Wrap Up

Interior designers focus on making interior design spaces attractive and beautiful. There are many themes and styles of decorating rooms they follow. Bedroom spaces have certain functional and aesthetic requirements. Primarily interior designers focus on making bedrooms as a relaxing space.

Graffiti room decor can bring in a bold expression of art, and it may disturb the relaxing and peaceful environment of bedroom. (Graffiti art has strong color combinations, bold elements of design which at times can be loud for a bedroom environment).

Graffiti is a like a painting done on the walls as mentioned above. It has a certain character which mainly does not blend well on the walls of the bedrooms. But for teens and children bedrooms graffiti can bring in the fun part.

Graffiti letters along with other elements of visual art can produce a fantasy look on teens or children’s bedroom wall. There can be many different graffiti bedroom decorating ideas.

To wrap up things the technique of graffiti is rarely practiced to decorate the bedroom walls. As a custom requirement it can be placed on the bedrooms walls. Graffiti in bedroom is recommended for either children or teens as per the demand or custom requirement.

Written By: Soha

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