Home Decorating Checklist To Follow – [A Complete Guide]

Home decorating checklist is what we should all build and follow to make our home look beautiful. There are many ways people decorate and renovate their home interior. Some follow a definite guideline and others start randomly. People buy so many things without thinking. This home decorating checklist will stop them from buying un-necessary items.

It is always a good idea to follow certain well thought steps. The best way to start your home decorating project is by making a home decorating checklist.

Home Decorating Checklist – What To Get For  Your New Home

Home decorating checklist refers to a series of steps in order to start decorating home from start to finish. The decorating checklist will guide you to execute things properly.

The article will explore how to create home decorating checklist and how decorating checklists can be helpful.

What is the first thing to do when you start decorating a house?

The home decorating checklist is the first thing to make when decorating a house. It is a series of steps you follow in selecting or buying different home decor items.

Before creating the decorating checklist you must understand that every room has walls, floor, and ceiling. You need to consider their decorative treatment all the time.

The home decorating checklist will address these room constructed elements automatically.

Decorating Checklist

  1. Doing your research
  2. Defining your budget
  3. Selecting your theme/style
  4. Creating your color palette (Furniture-Fabrics-Accessories-Paint, etc.)
  5. Developing the mood board
  6. Searching for the scope of work (Budget dependent)
  7. Making a layout plan (Furniture & Accessories)
  8. Making list of item (Decorative – Functional)
  9. Executing your decorative plan
  10. Final inspection, and last moment touches

Doing your research

I know, we all want to decorate our house. Decorating is an art of creating visual pleasure through design and décor elements. Doing your research about so many things is important. It is possible that you may not be familiar about different decorating themes.

Doing research on home decorating themes, trends in color, furniture and artworks are a just few areas you can start researching. Market has so much variety of decor styles and items.
You can research about products online. Make a list of things that inspires you or attract you, research on building your visual library. You can consult and take reference from this library while planning decor and spaces.
You can research about what are latest trends in interior design and decor industry worldwide.
In short build your knowledge about various home decorating styles, colors, materials and products. Buying stuff may look easy, but in reality it is not. Proper and thorough research can help you in making right decisions. You need to know how to brainstorm ideas to get better for every stage ahead in home decorating checklist.

Defining your budget

Home decorating experience can turn out to be very costly if not planned properly. You can find good decorative items/products at different price range. You can either buy them online or offline.

Before following your home decorating checklist you must take your budget in account. Defining your budget will help you to make wise decisions. You will not end up buying something which is not needed.

Selecting your theme/style

This is an interesting stage in your home decorating checklist. Theme or decorating style plays a key role in the process. Once you choose your decorating style all the rooms will follow the same scheme.

You need to have a very good understanding of what types of theme are there. This is where your research will help you. There are a lot of themes/styles from classic, modern, retro, Victorian, minimalist, industrial to rustic. You need to select a theme/style that inspires you.
Your style should also blend in with the interior architecture. Every decorating style has its own characteristics and personality. Just follow the theme that you like and then stay with it while making different decorating buying decisions.

Creating your color palette

Once you are done with your theme/style selection, now is the time to define your colors. The color palette will reflect the style you are following.

All the colors should blend in well in every decorative item. From Furniture, curtains, decorative accessories to wall art all should fall into the color range of the style or theme.

Developing mood board

Mood boards are made to communicate your ideas visuals. You collect all the reference pictures that reflect you chosen style.

Mood board has the visual reference pictures of furniture, curtains and everything that your have thought for any particular room. You can think of mood board as a board having collection of digital collages. You can pin up material pictures, polish and finishing of furniture structures, patterns of fabrics, etc.
Mood board is a good way of evaluating all the ideas concerning decor element. So, you can enjoy this process and make a mood board to get a clear picture of your ideas.

Searching for the scope of work

So, you have made up your mind to decorate your home now. You have understood the importance of home decorating checklist as a starting point.

Now is the time to look at every room in detail to find out what needs your attention. Is the walls that need treatment, like repaint or it the floor which need to be covered.
Remember earlier we talked about walls, floor and ceiling that constructs the room. You need to observe them to see if they require some work, from paint to change in floor tiles.
Checking the scope of work is dependent on the budget you have allocated for each activity. You can make alterations to rooms depending upon your budget and home decorating checklist. You can start decorating each room by making the list of priority tasks. This way un-necessary tasks can be avoided.
Finding scope of work is important and requires a close inspection. Don’t forget, it is an important step in the checklist.

Making layout plan

Making layout plan will require brainstorming for unique and creative ideas of decorating and adjusting things at proper places. You can doodle down your ideas about decorating walls, or placing furniture, and arranging decorative accessories in the room.

You can take the Help of free online planning tools. Many tools provide drag and drop functions hence, making working easy for you.
The purpose of making layout plan is to make sure you see how you will make each room look beautiful and functional. You can envision the spaces and decorate them according to a set pan.
Another advantage of making a layout plan is that it will give you the exact number of items from furniture to table lamps, and from wall paintings to area rugs.
This way you can avoid overspending on things which are not required in the decorating planning. You can do a little research to get familiar with how to doodle and make a floor plan. Making plans is a fun, I am sure you will enjoy this activity.

Making list of items

Once you have made layout plan, it is time to list all type of items required for each room. The chances of you buying something that is not needed become minimum by making list of items for each room. Your list may include all the functional and decorative elements to create an ambience.

You can make a spreadsheet of required small home decor items as per room, or you can jot down everything in a diary. Your list of items may include different things from furniture items to little decorative items which can really make a difference in every room.

Here is a small checklist of decorative items to prepare:

These home decorative items can be placed in every room smartly. So here is what comes under comes under home decor.
1: Decorative trays (For console, tables, coffee tables, etc.)
2: Flower Vases
3: Crystal / Ceramic Bowls
4: Bookends
5: Sculptural Objects
6: Decorative Wall Clocks
7: Candle Stands
8: Picture Frames
9: Paintings
10: Rugs
11: Cushions
12 Decorative fabric throws
13: Table Lamps
14: Floor Lamps
You can use this as new home decoration checklist.

Executing your decorative plan

This is the step in checklist where you will really jump into action. You will decorate, renovate, constructed elements like walls, ceiling and floor (If needed).

You can start buying the items mentioned in the list and start decorating each room. The execution of plan requires many skills.
Selecting quality and finishing details is the most important task at this stage. You have to masterfully buy items/products that blends well in the interior space. You can further make a checklist of execution stage mentioning what to check as the project is under way.
Your project will start taking a visible shape and you will enjoy this step in the home decorating checklist. Everybody enjoys seeing their idea and creations come to life.


How can you decorate home on a low budget?

Decorating home is an art. It requires aesthetics and choosing things that are beautiful & low cost, if you are running on a tight budget.

How can I decorate my house quickly?

Well you need to think smartly to add things that can be done easily. Little changes here and there can really add value and attraction.

Changing one wall color can bring in a refreshing change in environment. You can change the color of the wall and turn it into a feature wall. Add artwork on the walls.

You can select different size art work to make your room attractive. Artworks can bring in style and luxury look.

Adding plants artificial or natural can change the mood of the room. Adding ambiance lighting also help change the mood and feel of any room. You can add table lamps and corner floor lamps accordingly to your room decor.

You can add rugs and soft furnishings in the room to make it look different and new.

You can also add mirrors and small decorative items on coffee tables and consoles. Sculptures can bring in a style of their own, try placing sculptures of various heights in the room.

Add decor items depending on the function of the room and you will see the difference little items make.

What decor should I buy?

Well, it really depends on you and the room. Décor requirement is different for every room. You can buy soft printed cushions for you sofa in the living room. Yet, the requirement of kitchen decor could be different.

You theme or style of decorating home also effect what you buy. So, always buy decor that you like for a particular room.

What are common decorating mistakes to avoid?

There are lot of mistakes one can make while decorating home. These are small mistakes we overlook at times.

Here are a few of the common mistakes you can avoid:

  • Always choose the size of  area rugs according to its placement.
  • Never select the paint color first. Make a complete color visualization before selecting the paint for walls.
  • Never hang chandelier too high.
  • Never hand paintings and artwork too high.
  • Always drape curtains to floor length.
  • Don’t use too many throw cushions on sofa.
  • Try not to make your room decor cluttered.

Final Inspection

Your project is completed, wow that was a real quick project checklist to understand. I am sure following the home decorating checklist will make you feel like a real professional. You can find decorative items from many home decor stores.
Final inspection of the project require your attention towards detailing. You inspect so many things, from quality of the product to the overall ambience.
You need to inspect each and everything in detail so that no flaws are left according to your home decorating checklist. Once you are satisfied close your project, and prepare to throw a little party to friends to show them your home decorating skills.
I am sure by now you must have understood that the catch is to be patent, and stick to the home decorating checklist to work like a true professional.

Written By: Adil Masood Qazi

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