How To Use Vases For Decoration? (Explained)

How vases can be used for decorating? Well vases can be used in living room, entrance lobby, bedrooms, kitchen. They can be placed anywhere, from floor to table tops to wall mounted display selves. Interior decorating has a limitless approach to incorporating ideas, concepts into residential and commercial projects. Decorative vases are used in different rooms for decor purposes. There are numerous decorative products including such vases that can fill any space to bring in style and personal statement.

Interior design and decorating is a popular field. Getting various decor items from online and offline stores has become easier. The idea of using vases for decoration is not new. The practice of using vases for decoration may date back to ancient history.

Let’s explore how to use vases for decoration.

How To Use Vases For Decoration

How to Use Vases for Decoration? – Like Professional Decorators

Vases fall into a very important home accents category. A wide range of decorative vases are used in rooms for decor purposes. Vases make up a bold statement and style in any rooms decor. Vases can be placed at different places from floor to a table top or on display units mounted on the wall. Variety of designs and materials are used in the making of decorative vases.

Let’s explore the possible ways vases can be used for decorating:

Vases are decorative pieces that help in elevating the surfaces they are placed on, and they also contribute in building an overall look of the room. Some decorators fill vases with various arty things and some use them empty. Mostly the glass vases are filled with decorative fillings.

Here are some popular glass vase fillers:

You can fill empty glass vases with these decorative and colorful fillers to make them look beautiful and unique.

1: Colored water

2: Colorful potpourri

3: Dry flower pastels

4: Sand

5: Colored pebbles

6: Colorful small beads

7: Twigs of branches

8: Colored paper pages

9: Coffee beans

10: Colored crayons

11: River rocks

12: Small led lights

13: Pearls and jewels

14: Artificial moss rocks

Glass vases can be filled with many other things from our surroundings, it all boils down to your creative thinking and approach. You can get as creative as you want in filling the glass vases.

Let’s now jump in and find how you can use these vases for decorating interior spaces.

Decorating Living Room with Vases

Living room is one of the important areas in the house. You can play by placing vases in variety of creative ways. One of the common yet effective way is to place large vases in the corner of the room or right next to console table. You can turn the floor of the living room into work of art by placing large, and small size vase combinations.

You can also place vases on console  and in the center of the coffee table. Try using a combination of ceramic decorative vases along with colored glass vases.

This can bring in a unique taste of style and statement. You can place fresh or artificial flowers in vases matching the mood of your interior design.

How Do You Display Decorative Vases?

Decorative vases attract the attention easily because of their beautiful surface decor. Vase designers use different medium and techniques to decorate vases.

These decorative vases are used by interior decorators on various surfaces from floor to tables. You can display decorative vases in the center of coffee tables, on kitchen counters where there is nothing else, but just a single beautiful vase.

You can place decorative vases on shelves in a series, the ideas can be unlimited. You can place large decorative vases on two sides of the fire place. One of the best ways to displace decorative vases is on the round welcome table in the hallway.

You can use many different types of vases in bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen and almost anywhere with in your house.

Here some vases that can be used to decorate your rooms.

Ceramic vases

Ceramic vases are made out of refined clay and baked into glazed or matte surfaces.  Ceramic vases are available in different colors, textures, and sizes to fit  into interior environments.

Ceramic vases pretty good in rustic and industrial style interiors.

Procelain Vases

Procelain Vases are made from highest quality of clay, they are elegant in looks. Procelain vases are very popular with interior decorators.

Procelain vases blend well with classic and traditional style interiors. Procelain vases can be placed in bedrooms, living rooms and hallways.

Glass Vases

Glass vases are made from laminated glass and are very durable. Glass vases are available easily online through many popular stores.

These vases are available in decorative patterns, in huge range of colored glass.

Glass vases in different large and small sizes are most used by interior decorators for modern minimalist interior styles.

How To Use Vases For Decoration? – Final Thoughts

Home decor plays an equally important role as space planning. Decorative Vases are a pretty handy way to elevate spaces.

Using vases for decoration needs a bit of aesthetics sense, and an eye for selection of unique, attractive designs. Since vase manufacturing is a big industry that offers a huge range of vases, decorating with vases for home has become an easier task.

Grouping vases of different sizes to using single vases large or small is what you can experiment with for making your home decor look stylish and unique.

So, if you are thinking of adding a touch of creativity into your rooms, try playing with vases in your decor.

Written by: Adil Masood Qazi.