Are Wall Mirrors Outdated? No And Here is Why

Wall mirrors can never go out of trend. Wall mirrors have always been in trend in residential and commercial places. Decorating with wall mirrors is one of the most used elements of design people use.

The art of using wall mirrors as decoration is evolving with time and new concepts in interior design decorating methods.

Interior designers use wall mirrors in various interior settings to bring out a unique and creative style of decor.

From single large wall mirror to combination of many smaller wall mirrors, designers decorate different walls of home with their own touch of design, twist and creativity.

Mirrors on the wall not only reflect your tasteful decorating abilities, but also make your rooms look bigger and open.

Like many other design details wall mirrors hold their place as an evergreen decor style.

I have been using wall mirrors of various sizes in residential projects. Trust me they look fabulous!

They look fantastic on the walls if placed the right way. In this short article we will explore the power of decorating walls with mirrors. So, let’s dive in.

Are Wall Mirrors Outdated – A Quick Inside

Home decorating is an art of collecting unique, creative and attractive items for elevating home interior decor.

People for this purpose buy many items. Paintings, sculptures, wall hangings, ceramic pieces and wall mirrors all play their role in creating an ambience.

Mirrors on different walls of the house serve the purpose of beauty and functionality.

Mirrors with different design frames can also make a statement of their own.

You can find mirrors with thick and thin frames at reasonable prices.

Either online or offline wall mirrors can easily be searched for. Amazon has a good number of collection of wall mirrors. you can browse their category wise mirrors.

Wall Mirrors Are An Evergreen Trend – Here is Why

Wall mirrors have always served the purpose of decorating home walls because of these reasons.

  1. Mirrors enhance the beauty of the walls
  2. Mirrors give the illusion of a bigger space and depth
  3. Mirrors are a great way to fill up empty walls
  4. Great design decorative elements

The history of placing mirrors on wall has deep roots in various historic timelines. People hang mirrors on walls for seeing themselves and for decorative purposes.

Let’s answer some of the common questions to understand about hanging mirrors on the wall.

Are Large Bathroom Mirrors Out of Style?

Wall mirrors in bathroom are a popular trend in modern interior environment.

Modern bathroom architectural spaces are specially designed to place large bathroom mirrors.

All you should care about is that large mirrors in bathroom should look visually attractive, functional and fit with in the interior space setting.

Though some of the large bathroom wall mirrors with heavy frames are out dated.

Playing with mirror on walls of the bathroom can be a tricky business.

Handling large wall mirrors in bathroom needs an expert and masterful designers approach.

The modern trend of decorating with wall mirrors in bathroom generally follow the minimalist approach of design.

Frameless mirrors in bathroom are also a modern and popular trend in interior design.

You can easily make your home look modern by placing wall mirrors smartly.

Are Mirrored Wall Panels in Living Room in Trend

Living room is considered as one of the most important and special space in the house.

Interior designers and home owners decorate living room in different ways.

From hanging a painting, wall hangings to installing wall mirrors is a popular way of decoration.

Mirrors in living room are always in trend as they make walls look beautiful and give rooms an illusion of openness.

Rooms tend to look larger by placing different size wall mirrors in different creative settings.

You can always decorate and compose living room walls by hanging a larger mirror.

Hanging a slightly larger size wall mirror gives living room a luxury feel.

A good size wall mirror can make a different in creating and absolute stunning ambience.

Therefore, mirrored wall panels in living room is an evergreen trend. How to use it smartly will depend on the overall interior decor style of the living room.

Are Wall Mirrors Outdated? – Final Thoughts

Wall mirrors have been used by interior designers and home owners for decorative purpose for a long time.

Mirrors with decorative frames always elevate the walls in many ways. Bigger wall mirrors tend to give an illusion of open, and larger room.

Placing wall mirrors in rooms like, living room, bedroom, hall ways, and dining rooms is a common practice in interior design industry.

In the end, what type of wall mirror to use larger, smaller, in panel form, with simple or decorative frames will depend on the theme and style.

So, if you are thinking of making a feature wall or redecorating your walls, try using wall mirrors. It will be fun and exciting to play with mirrors on the wall.

Written By: Adil Masood Qazi