What is Luxury Style Decor? Things You Need To Know

Luxury house with perfect decor and ambience is a dream that we all strive to achieve. Luxury style decor is all about decorating interior spaces with expensive looking items like paintings, table lamps, rugs, chandeliers, and mirror frames, etc.

Interior designers use many ways to make interior spaces look comfortable, functional and aesthetically beautiful.

Using luxury decor items is what gives them that extra touch of class and style.

Luxury decor can be achieved by number of ways by incorporating diversified items.

In this brief article let’s explore about what is luxury style decor in an interior designed space.

So, let’s dive in..

Luxury Style Decor – A Quick Inside

The planning of home decor can be done during the construction phase of home, and also when you are giving final touches to it.

The addition of expensive looks in decor can be added in variety of ways at these two stages of building or renovating a home.

For example adding a wooden carved medallion in the ceiling during the false ceiling phase.

You can add additional inlay work at your wooden floor borders while laying the floors.

Materials like metals, glass and expensive wood can bring a luxurious look during the construction phase of your project.

The timeless luxury and expensive feel can be achieved at the construction stage if the residential or commercial project is well planned and visualized.

Now, secondly you can add luxury style products like original paintings, crystal table lamps, branded rugs and gold or silver painted mirrors into your rooms to create unique and a luxurious rich look.

Expensive furniture, curtains, rugs, upholstery fabrics, paintings, light fixtures to crystal decorative objects, you can add such valuable objects to bring luxury and class and style.

They will all add up in creating your personal statement into an ambience.

Colors like gold, silver, magenta,  black, white, etc can portray an expensive feel when used in decor items.

Luxury products mostly branded can really add that mega mansions kind of look to your home or apartments.

Here are a few luxury brands that can add an expensive style into your home.

Luxury Style Decor Brands

  • Cassina

Italian brand since 1927, famous for high end furniture.

  • Lindsey Adelman

Lindsey is a royal high end lighting brand that is famous for its branching out bulbs chandelier design.

  • Apparatus Studio

Apparatus Studio is all about high end lights and fixtures for luxury hotels and home decor.

  • Ralph Lauren

The name itself stands for the ultimate timeless symbol of luxury and style. Founded in 1967 the name stands for high end American society’s luxury home decor.

  •  Calvin Klein Rugs

Calvin Klein rugs have a classic luxurious look to them. The rugs have unique feel to suit the luxury and expensive look through their perfect colors and textures.

The above mentioned brands along with many others facilitate the home interior design and decor market.

The luxury style decor to sum up is all about ultra high end materials in decoration of your home that reflects expensive looks.

There are so many expensive branded decor items available for you to select  and place or install at appropriate places in your rooms to go e a rich and luxury look.

A little bit of research on internet and you will come across a huge range of luxury home decor products.

So, if you are thinking of redecorating your home and also have a healthy budget go for luxury decor items.

Written by: Adil Masood Qazi