Accent Wall Rules Interior Design Professionals Follow

Accent wall rules mainly follow 60 30 10 formula along with many others. Typically designers follow 60% dominant color, 30% secondary color and 10% accent color.

Though it is just a rule that in general interior designers follow but, this is not a hard and fast rule to apply.

Every residential and commercial interior project is different and require a different method to treat accent walls.

Accent walls are generally designed to catch the eye when someone enters the room because of its different, creative treatment.

This brief article will explore rules for accent walls for residential and commercial projects.

So, dive in..

Accent Wall Rules – A Quick Inside Into What Makes Feature Walls To Stand Out

As mentioned above most interior designers use 10% accent color (bold and contrasting) rule in any room to make feature wall pop up.

The selection of the accent color depends on the overall color scheme of the room.

As a common practice the color of the accent wall as a rule is the contrasting color. Accent wall is also known as feature wall.

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Since it is the first noticeable thing people see when they walk in the room so, it must be treated differently in a unique manner.

Here is a short list of accent wall rules:

  • Follow 60 30 10 rule
  • Use contrasting color (bold) that suits your room theme
  • Ideally select feature wall that does not have windows and doors
  • Experiment and break all rules to make your accent walls stand out as your style statement
  • If you are using just paint for accent wall treatment try including textures and tones to bring in interest and individuality
  • Be artistic with accent walls and use patterns that support the interior style
  • Use wood molding at the four edges of the feature wall
  • As a rule accent wall should be boldly treated
  • Other than changing color of feature wall try to make it a functional wall as well by decorating it with shelves and other appropriate treatments

In a nut shell accent wall rules whatever you choose must follow the principles of aesthetics.

Changing wall color to bold at times is not enough, other treatments are also required to truly make the feature wall stand out.

The only rule that you apply to accent wall should follow the visual pleasure of look at something that is unique and creative from rest of the walls.

Written by: Adil Masood