Bedroom Interior Design Rules To Follow [Explained]

Bedroom interior design rules points out to the guideline for perfect designing bedroom.

Bedroom is an important place in the house. The basic bedroom interior rules are 1: Easy Space Layout, 2: Cozy Environment, 3: Proper Lighting, 4: Comfortable Furniture, etc.

How to make bedroom comfortable is the focus of these rules. For example, relaxing colors for bedroom are important, and can effect comfort levels.

The bedroom interior design rules is a checklist of steps to follow in making your room look beautiful, comfortable and calm. These rules make bedroom look good, as many home owners and even buy do consider minute details. These details add to the property value. Questions like do buyers prefer carpet in bed room? or does furniture have to match?

You have to follow certain bedroom designing rule so that these kind of questions can be answered.

These rules include, how to select bedroom color, to what kind of furniture should be placed in bedroom. Interior designers are trained to design comfortable, and relaxing resting interior of bedrooms.

This article will explore the bedroom design rules .

You can design your bedroom according to these rules, or hire an interior designer for this job.

Let’s know about these bedroom interior design guidelines:

Bedroom interior design rules 

Top Bedroom Interior Design Rules – Think Like Professional Designers

Space planning is an important part in interior design process. Interior designers follow basic guidelines for planning functional spaces.

Bedroom interior design must be comfortable and relaxing.

Here are some of the basic rules for bedroom interior design:

Bedroom Interior Design Space Planning Rule- Keep Movement Easy

Planning space for bedroom is an important factor for comfort. We all re-decorate our bedrooms.

Understanding how to distribute space in bedroom can help us achieve comfort.

Space planning depends on the bedroom size. Furniture plays the main role in covering empty spaces.

The best way to design your bedroom is by putting in less furniture.

Less furniture improves the movement area in the bedroom. Bed and some necessary furniture in bedroom is good for comfortable movement.

The other bedroom interior design rules is to adjust spaces between furniture items.

Space planning will guide you on how to use large and small furniture pieces.

Make a floor plan and adjust the furniture item on it.

Planning on paper or digital software will show the positive spaces covered by the furniture.

This will improve space planning.

This bedroom interior design guideline will cover the basic space planning concern.

A lot will depend on your interior design style. Interior design is all about creating functional spaces.

Plan placing your bed for the best view in the room. You can place your bed in such a way that outside view from window is visible.

So, if you are re-designing your bedroom make sure outside window view is enjoyable and visible.

Bedroom Interior Design Color Scheme Rule- Choose Relaxing Colors

Colors are an important element of design. They catches our attention and affect us in different ways.

Interior designers pay special attention to color schemes. It is true that colors can dramatically affect our moods making them happy or sad.

Different color and their shades evoke different emotions.

Bedroom colors must be relaxing.

Soft and settle colors are generally recommended for bedroom interiors.

Light color combinations put mind in relaxing and comfortable mode.

As a bedroom interior design rule keep the color scheme to light, and pastel shades.

Soft color combinations can be used in different ways. You can use lighter and soft color tones with some warm, bright color contrasts.

Walls of the bedroom should be in lighter colors. Some interior designers use dark color on one wall to make it a feature wall.

You can use lighter tones and shades of the color in rest of the decor items.

Here is a list of some soft colors that can create a relaxing mood in bedrooms:

1: Blue

2: Pink

3: Grass Green

4: White

5: Yellow

6: Gray

7: Violet

8: Neutral Beige

9; Sage Green

10: Sea Blue

These are some colors that can make bedroom interior relaxing and calm.

Room color psychology plays an important part in our life. It affects our energy levels and emotions.

Among bedroom interior design rules selection of soft colors are necessary for relaxing and calm environment.

Color reflect your personality and moods you like. Selecting relaxing colors is important for creating comfortable bedroom environment.

Bedroom Interior Design Lighting Rule – Create Relaxed Mode of Lighting

Bedroom is place to relax and it need a proper lighting system. Creating your bedroom lighting design the right way will help you rest better.

It is very important to create a balance between ambient, task and accent lighting.

Layering these three types of lights can create a comfortable bedroom ambiance.

Lighting is the best design element in creating moods.

Ambient light is a source of artificial light that can help you perform normal tasks like cleaning, or making bed.

Natural source of light coming through windows is also an ambient light.

Your first layer of light in bedroom is ambient light, it needs to be placed to lit the room well.

As a thumb rule ambient lights best place is in the form ceiling fixture.

The examples are chandeliers, ceiling, pendant lights, floor and table lamps.

Task light is a more focused light. The examples of are low hanging pendants, desk lighting and table lamps.

Task lighting is the second layer of light in the bed room.

The third layer of lighting is accent lights. Accent light is used to bring something into lime light.

Picture lights are the best example of accent lights.

Accent lights are the subdued version of general light.

These three layers in bedroom lighting can create an attractive ambiance.

Controlling the intensity of these lights is key to relaxing bedroom lighting

Bedroom interior design rules include lighting as a special feature to make a comfortable bedroom environment.

Create a Decluttered Environment

Bedroom is a place to rest body and mind. One of the best rule for bedroom interior design is to make it less cluttered.

Clutter does have a negative impact on us.

Bedroom just need the necessary furniture. Get rid of all the items that is causing clutter and instantly you will feel the difference.

Theme or style that you select can affect the clutter also.

Minimalist interior design theme is the best for living in a space that has less items.

Decluttering is all about organizing your stuff from furniture to all the useless items.

Use Less Busy Fabric Patterns – Create Harmony

Remember! we are focusing on simple interior design philosophy.

As mentioned above declutter your bedroom to make it more relaxing. Busy patterns in soft furnishing design can cause irritation.

Eyes get comfort watching things that are not complicated.

Choosing solid color combinations is also a good idea.

Busy pattern, sharp vibrant colors and lot of texture cause restlessness.

The basic rule is to stick to soft solid colors and open patterns of fabric.

One of the other important thing to consider is select different scale of patterns.

This gives the overall look of design a breathing space.

Its is recommended to use soft open pattern fabrics in bedroom.

You can use them in curtains, upholstery of bedding.

Bedroom Interior Design Rules – Final Thoughts

Bedroom is place where everyone want to relax and rest. It is a space where you want to forget about tensions and put your mind to peace and calm.

A wise decision while designing and decorating bedroom would be to make is simple and comfortable.

Minimalist approach is the best way you can have less items in your bedroom.

You can just stick to the necessary things you need in bedroom.

Make your bedroom less cluttered, have soft overall color scheme with a perfect lighting.

Bedroom interior design rules mentioned above have a role to play.

Their right combination can create a perfect, comfortable relaxing bedroom for you.

Just keep things simple, and understand one important thing, that your bedroom is not your drawing room.

Enjoy creating a perfect relaxing bedroom space following the above explained rules.

Written by: Soha

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