Do Interior Designers Do Space Planning? (Answered)

Interior designers primary job is to do space planning and make them look beautiful.

Space in interiors is what needs to be designed depending upon different factors.

Interior designers are trained through formal education to solve space design and other related problems.

Clients hire them specifically to make sure their interior spaces are comfortable, beautiful and well planned

Let’s explore the responsibility of interior designer in residential and commercial projects.

They perform variety of tasks from site visits to diversified design processes.

Interior designers are required to plan different spaces or areas within a house according to their functionality and aesthetics requirements.

Space in interior design is important as it’s proper and efficient planning can result in a comfortable living.

Interior designers train themselves to visualize and plan areas for optimum results.

Second most important task designers perform along side space planning is building an attractive ambience.

Interior designers make floor layout plans to make sure every room space has a easy of movement.

Designers smartly plan furniture placement in each room backed by appropriate decor.

Interior designers plan spaces for various residential and commercial projects like houses, villas, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, cafe, offices, and many more

Various digital tools like AutoCad, SketchUp, 3dmax, Photoshop etc, assist interior designers to visualize and design space plans.

Interior designers technically and aesthetically evaluate space planning requirement and plan accordingly.

Interior designers do space planning based on four key considerations:

  1. Dimensions
  2. Zoning
  3. Functionality
  4. Aesthetically

In a nut shell interior designers manage interior spaces by planning them.

Designers manage and plan every area in a house from bedroom to living room by planning placement of furniture and fixtures.

So, the answer to do interior designers plan spaces is “yes“, it is their primary requirement as a professional to plan functional residential and commercial spaces.

Written by: Adil Masood