How To Interior Design Your Home Like A Pro

How to interior design your home is not a difficult question to answer. Home is a beautiful word that make us think of a comfortable place. It is a shelter that we make for our loved ones. Moving into your new home or renovating it always bring great joy.

If you do it well you will end up in a happy comfortable and functional home!

Interior design your home is what we all want to know. It is a fun activity. Everyone has a different ideas for interior design and decorating. Everyone decorates homes differently depending upon their liking and budget.

There are two main ways you can start interior designing your home. One is by doing research, and designing home yourself. Second is by hiring an interior designer for this job.

In this article we will explore how you can interior design your home.

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How To Interior Design Your Home Like A Pro

How to interior design your home begins with an interior design process. It is a fun and exciting activity. All you need to do is understand the basics of design process. The interior design process is a composition of many detailed steps.

But, for your convivence I have broken the process down to simple upfront three key steps.

The Interior Design Process Steps

  1. Visualizing design concept
  2. Planning interior spaces for rooms
  3. Decorating and furnishing interior spaces

All interior designers follow the same interior design process. Doing interior designing of your home depends on your budget. The main objective of interior designing of your home is to provide comfort and functionality.

Let’s see how these 3 key design process work:

Visualizing design process

Interior design needs well thought planning. The first step of the design process starts with visualizing. Interior design visualization organize ideas about theme.

A theme is a style that your interior design follow. There are a number of themes like, classic, modern, industrial, Bohemian, retro, minimalism, rustic, traditional, Victorian, etc.

You will have to do good research on theme styles and decide which theme suits you. Analyze your preferences (like budget) and then decide your theme.

A good selection of theme is the foundation of a good rest of the interior design. It will help you in finding ways on doing interior of the house effectively.

Interior designers use lot of digital software for visualizing their design concepts.

Here are a few software interior designers use for example, Photoshop, SketchUp, Infurnia. But for beginners easy to use online visualization apps are available like, IKEA Home Planner, Room Styler, etc.

Planning Interior Spaces Of Rooms

Space planning is a crucial part of design process. Every room has a requirement of its own. Bedrooms demand different space planning from the drawing room.

Planning spaces is an art interior designers learn during interior design degree program. Space planning is a subject requirement of the degree.

Manual and digital techniques are applied to plan spaces.  A lot of things need to be considered for space planning like physical limitations, function and furniture size.

As a typical practice you will have to draw a rough plan to fix furniture on it. This exercise will help you to calculate space according to furniture placement. There is no need for you to make a professional looking plan.

Just mark and plan activity zones on your plan. This will help you to identify the circulation / movement areas.

You define and design room plan according to selected theme, your lifestyle, budget, and space limitation.

it is easy for you to draw floor or room plans these day by using easy to use software like  Smart Draw and Floor planner.

Here is what to consider for drawing floor plan:

  1. Take Measurement of Area
  2. Draw Walls
  3. Add Architectural Elements or Features
  4. Add Furniture

So, Enjoy planning your spaces. Take your time learn the basics of planning a space.

Decorating And Furnishing Interior Spaces

Once you are done with space planning according to room function its time to make environment beautiful.  Decorating and furnishing interior space is as important as space planning.

Decorating means adding items that will enhance the beauty of the space. There are many ways interior designer decorate rooms. Adding paintings and decorative accessories like table lamps, flower vases and wall hangings are just a few ways.

You will have to show your artistic side while decorating a room.

Here is a short list of decorating accessories for any room:

1: Table Lamps / Floor Lamps

Table lamps are a good contributors to a source of ambient lighting in a room. They are attractive decorative accessories for any room. Mostly interior designers place table lamps and floor lamps in drawing room and bedroom. Table lamps can bring dramatic light into rooms.

2: Paintings / Wall Hangings

Paintings are an evergreen source of decorative accessories. Oil on canvas paintings bring value addition to a room. interior designers use wall hangings and paintings in a room to beautify room. They are good way to fill up space and bring warmth into the room.

3: Decorative Accessories 

Decorative accessories refers to as vases and other collectable objects. These accessories are usually places on side table, console tables and coffee tables.

Interior designers place beautiful big size flower vase on tables in entrance hall way.

4: Area Rugs

Rugs are a good way of covering floors. They are considered as textile decorative accessory. Rugs bring beauty into  the space through their beautiful patterns and colors.

These are just a few examples of decorative accessories. Interior design is an art and science of making spaces comfortable and functional.

There are a number of other ways yo can use to decorate your home like a real pro. Everyone has a different taste for decorating. I have compiled a list of ideas that you can use to decorate your home.

It is a good way to search for inspirations to get started with decorating your home. Inspiration can give you that kick start to take a first step.

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8 Professional decorating secrets you should know

1: Use Custom Designed Tiles

It is a common practice to use tile in our projects. Most of the times we use standard size tile and cut them according to our required room size. Instead we can get custom tiles designed for room on an affordable budget.

We can get custom designed tiles for bathroom and kitchen, as these are the areas where tiles are use extensively and also cut in custom sizes.

Custom design tiles can become part of the interior environment in a convenient way.

2: Use wallpaper on your appliances

Wallpapers bring attraction of their own. There are many different wallpaper designs and color schemes available in the market.  you can use wallpaper to cover your appliances. This is a very unconventional way of using wallpaper.

You can experiment with  peel and stick kind of wallpapers to cover appliances like fridge and cooking range. You can even try pasting them on old furniture pieces like cabinets. This can give a new look to your old furniture pieces.

3: Use Patterns in your rooms

The use of patterns can add that  extra touch of attraction that can build an attractive ambiance. You can add patterns and colors in various forms into your interior space. You can mix and match patterns in different textiles, decorative accessories to furniture and wallpapers.

Patterns can make the whole interior environment interesting by breaking the monotony.

4: Create a fake window or door element

You can add a fake window or a door element to create a feature wall. Creating this architectural element can work pretty well in a place where there is now window. You can add mirror in window frames instead of glass to create an illusion. This can also make your interior space look bigger.

5: Mix shiny and matte surfaces

A combination of glossy and matte surface can create interest in the environment. You can blend shinny and matte surfaces in walls, in the textiles and furniture.

6: Display your antique collection

You can build a unique showcase unit in your rooms especially living room to display your antique or rare pieces collection. Displaying your antique collection can be an arty way to elevate your interior design and decor.

7: Build artificial cabinets to hide ugly walls or radiators

Building artificial cabinets or walls can hide the flaws in your walls. Such artificial cabinets and fixtures can not only hide the ugly walls or radiators but can also manage your storage. Try to create such features to improve your interior look.

8: Create cozy interior feel

Interior design has so much to offer in space planning and decor. Interior designers try to reflect different styles and looks to make a comfortable nd attractive room environments. Coziness and warmth look and feel can be so relaxing. You can bring in cozi look through rugs, warm colors, fluffy soft cushioned seating etc. 

Final Thoughts

Interior design is an art and science of managing space and making it beautiful. You can become an interior designer and follow all the steps of the design process. Every interior designer follows the design process with their own touch of creativity and uniqueness.

Design process is a good way of understand how you can interior design your house. The 3 main steps ae the key to making beautiful rooms. You can learn interior design online through many ways including watching YouTube videos.

You can develop your aesthetic senses by learning and educating yourself.  I hope this article will help you to take a start in interior designing of your house. So, get going and start your decorating adventure…

Written By: Adil Masood Qazi

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