[80] Interior Design Thesis Topics – Top Ideas List

Interior design thesis topics refer to the subject matter interior design students select for their final year project. Interior design is a rapidly growing industry. It demands students to be trained in various areas with the subject of interior design.

Students of interior design get stuck most of the times when it comes to choosing a topic for their thesis project.

They find it hard to select a topic that can help them portray their working potential as well creative approach to visualization.

Art and design colleges offering interior design degree teach diversified range of subjects to students.

They are trained to explore their creative ideas and execute them masterfully. Keeping in mind that final year thesis topics must display what their creative thinking approach.

This article will explore all the ideas that are unique and can help students with a huge list of ideas for their thesis topics.

Before we jump into the list of interior design thesis topics let’s answer some common questions students ask.

What is Thesis in Interior Design?

Thesis refers to a piece of work that has been well researched and presented to the public.

Interior design students prepare themselves by completing number of assignments and projects in their 4 years degree.

In their final year they are required to work on a bigger project that is called as the thesis project and it is present for assessment and evaluation by professionals working in interior design industry.

What Are Topics in Interior Design?

Interior Design is a field that involves many things that creates an ambience of an interior spaces.

Interior design caters to the aesthetics and functional needs of the interior space.

The topics for both commercial and residential interior design mostly covers color themes, space planning, layout plans, interior detailing, interior design styles and ambience creation.

How Can I Choose a Topic For My Thesis?

There are a few things to consider while choosing your thesis topics.

1: You are passionate about the topic

2: You are well informed about the topic

3: You have the skill set to deal with the


4: Selected topic solves a problem.

Now, let’s dive into our list of 100 interesting interior design thesis topics.

Interior Design Thesis Topics

The list of topics for thesis design is selected keeping space planning, interior design styles, ambience creation and many influences and references.

1: Vintage theme café interior

2: Rustic farmhouse style motel interior

3: Pirate ship themed café

4: Luxury Yatch interior in black and gold

5: Biophilic guest house interior

6: Jungle theme futuristic café 

7: Tiny home minimalist interior

8: Organic theme beach house 

9: Classic library interior for Seniors

10: Futuristic class room interior design

Interior design thesis topics must be unique and have the ability to incorporate new ideas.

11: Minimalist co-working space interior

12: Metal inspired studio apartment

13: Modern theme beach house interior

14: Harry Potter inspired teen study room interior

15: Retro theme studio apartment

16: Earthy color inspired office interior

17: Classic style mention interior

18: Country style condo interior

19: Gaming gadget showroom interior

20: Executive corporate floor interior

One of an important perspective to keep in mind while selecting thesis topic is the scope of work that it will cover.

Without getting overwhelmed try to handle areas in a project that can create an impact.

21: Antique book shop interior

22: Wood and metal inspired apartment

23: Gaming futuristic studio interior

24: Renaissance style villa interior

25: Gothic inspired guest house

26: Haunted house interior design

27: Scandinavian style modern home

28: Photographic studio interior

Skills like how to visualize, making flawless floor plans and selecting material combinations is the key accomplishing a good project.

29: Industrial style tiny home interior

30: Space ship inspired gaming studio

31: Artistic studio apartment interior

32: Executive office inspired by ocean

33: Black and white color themed villa

34: Magic theme inspired restaurant interior design

35: Cottage interior based on eco friendly concept

36: Mountain resort interior inspired by nature

37: Library interior based on magic theme:

38: Farmhouse interior design

Thesis demands functional and aesthetic approach towards providing solutions to problems.

39: Batman movie inspired co-working space

40: Log cabin interior using recycled materials

41: Moroccan theme apartment interior

42: Artist studio apartment inspired by abstract paintings

43: Meditation center interior design

44: Music company executive office interior

45: IT executive office interior design

46: Organic materials based home interior

47: Spaceship inspired barber salon

48: Modern furniture showroom interior

49: Exhibition booth interior for industrial light design company

50: Portable home interior design 

51: Seniors retirement home interior

52: Bookworm’s study room interior

53: Smart studio interior

54: Luxury dubai apartment interior

55: Art deco style coffee shop interior

56: Eclectic studio apartment interior

57: Christmas themed gift shop interior

58: Star Wars inspired gadget showroom

59: Luxury Penthouse interior inspired by Egyptian theme

60: Vintage movie themed restaurant

Best way to explore new ideas is to break away from conventional thinking. Use creative concepts and execute them in your unique way.

61: Children library interior based of a story book

62: Alice in wonderland themed coffee shop

63: Turkish antique coffee shop interior

64: Feng Shui concept based meditation center

65: Chinese theme inspired apartment

66: Game room interior

67: Modern bar and lounge interior

68: Airport coffee shop interior

69: Penthouse interior in white and grays

70: Art collectors modern architectural interior

Interior design is not just creating functional and aesthetically beautiful spaces.

It is also about observing to play with minute details. Creating details that would add up to a bigger picture of interior design.

71: Loft interior on industrial theme

72: Warm and contemporary restaurant interior

73: Fashion designer executive studio interior

74: House interior inspired by jungle

75: Contemporary house interior in earthy tones

76: Concrete inspired villa interior

77: Persian inspired café interior design

78: Tech geek studio apartment interior

79: Arab inspired café interior

80: Cigar room interior inspired by old traditional British ambience

Thesis topics selection depends on every individuals liking, skills and knowledge of the subject.

Exposure to what is happening in the world of interior design across the glob matters a lot also.

I am sure this list of interior design thesis topics will give you lot of choices for your final project.

Written by: Adil Masood Qazi