Minimalist Contemporary Interior Design-[Explained]

Minimalist contemporary interior design is not difficult to understand. When looking for current interior design trends, you will come across minimalism. Then the question arises ‘what is minimalism?’ Minimalism is often thought of as something plain, bland, and boring. On the contrary, minimalism is the beauty of simplicity, clean lines, uncluttered and monochromatic palette. It follows the rule of “less is more.” It is a modest way to design your interior. Creating minimalist interior design look is challenging but fun and interesting.

Understanding Minimalist contemporary interior design

Contemporary interior design is about the latest interior décor that is a trend of the present and future. The future of minimalist interior design is something that requires expert aesthetics to make space stylish. Contrary to speculation, contemporary minimalist interior design is not about the bare floor, fewer furniture, and bland walls.

In truth, it is about the contrast of colors modestly to create ethnic beauty with essentials only. Through this article, we will explore about minimalist contemporary interior design approach.

Minimalist Contemporary interior design Features

It is not always about just one thing in interior design. Forms, shapes, color, textures and concepts in context to theme and style build the bigger picture. If you want to create a minimalist contemporary interior design space, you need to keep some features in mind.

With awareness and tasteful approach to understanding minimalist style in interior design you will be able to create a beautiful space.

Bare essentials

The main component of contemporary minimalist style is keeping only essential things. For this, you need to de-clutter your home as much as possible. When we look around the house, we can find many unnecessary items but have somehow found places on our tables, slabs, and cupboards.

So first, you need to throw away these items. Then you have to follow the rule of placing things in their designated location so that more space is free. This will create an open space with only bare essentials being visible. You can also follow the ‘one in one out’ rule.

In which for every new item you bring, you must throw out the previous article. This will prevent the accumulation of useless things at home.

Base color

You need to decide on the base color. The base color is critical as it will be the highlight of your space. The base color should be neutrals like white, black, or grayish to make the theme soft and natural.

We can create a contrast of base color with the bright colors palette to make space trendier. This combination will give your room the primary essence of minimalist decor. It will make it serene, cozy, and stylish at the same time.

Focus function on clean lines 

The principal function of the minimalist interior is focusing on clear lines. The clean lines will emphasize the role of each piece. Things should relate to one another to create a balance. For minimalism, there is no need for overdone walls, windows, furniture, or accessories.

These will be stimulating and distracting. Instead, you need to focus on function, like what you need and how to highlight it modestly. These clean lines are made to make the room look neat and less chaotic.

Invest on Quality

Since only essentials are being kept, one needs to invest in their quality. You can incorporate quality textiles, high-grade mirrors, designer lights, fine wood or tile floor. Getting good finishing done for walls, storage, lights, and gas units will naturally make the place rich.

It would not be suitable to compromise on the quality of your articles; being thrifty can make your home dull. You can also invest in a simple, stylish chandelier, like a ring or stencil chandelier. Which will give a trendy minimalist vibe.

Multifarious products 

To create the minimalist contemporary interior design, you could go versatile in your pieces. You can use many different materials for your interior such as hanging lights, LEDs, rugs, timber, pottery, and glass. You can also use different types of the same product, such as going versatile in your textile.

For example, you can use wool blankets, fur rugs, pattern cushions, and sheer curtains. However, remain in a monochromatic tone while keeping the color theme in mind. Otherwise, you might create a messy combination while going creative.

Space-saving furniture

In minimalism, keeping furniture simple is the primary key. Select trendy and straightforward pieces for furniture that stand out on their own but do not go excessive. Keep your furniture streamline; for this, you can use dual-function furniture.

For example, table pieces with storage section. In case of additional styling, you can use bold color furniture to create a contrast with a neutral background. However, omit furniture with decorations, tassels, fringes, carved or heavy prints. This critical choice will determine the visual impact and feel of your space. 

Why go minimalist?

You might still be confused if going minimalist in your interior design is the right choice or not. So let’s look at the pros of going minimalist:

  • If you have a hectic lifestyle, minimalism will help you keep your house clean. Since you have fewer things, it will take lesser time to clean and organize everything.
  • Consequently, you can improve your house sanitation. Thus, in times of pandemic, minimalist houses will be more sanitary. Also, it won’t take much time for you to disinfect.
  • Once you have designed a minimalist place, it is easy to maintain. Its maintenance won’t be costly and require less effort.
  • Minimalist interior décor looks trendy and rich. As a result, your space will look prominent and affluent.
  • The essence of minimalism is making your home warm, comfortable, and cozy. So it will be a pleasing place to return to at the end of your day.
  • If you are a newbie interior décor, minimalism is a better option for you. Since, if you try to replicate experts, you might make your place unordered and congested.

Final Thoughts – Minimalist Contemporary Interior Design

You can create a minimalist contemporary interior design by following mentioned key features. However, you need to understand its essence and figure out if minimalism is for you or not. First, minimalism will create a harmonious environment for you.

It is all about balance and beauty. Thus, it is quite convincing that minimalism is a trendy and modern interior decor. Second, it is reasonably practical for living as it saves both time and energy. You should already have an idea about how or what type of space you want to create.

Written By: Nada

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