4 Types of Spaces in Interior Design Explained

Types of spaces in interior design range from social, private, work and storage. These spaces needs their own space planning considerations.

Interior design is an interesting practice of planning and decorating spaces within a house.

The above mentioned 4 spaces play vital role in a residential setting. Interior designers concentrate on the specific functional requirements of these spaces.

The positive and negative areas withing these type of spaces define relationship between space and it’s function.

The sizes or area of these spaces are determined by the kind of activity and its functionality.

This brief article will explore about these 4 spaces that we allocate within a house.

Types of Spaces in Interior Design You Should Know – A Quick Inside

Interior spaces have their importance in a residence. The most significant areas of any house are divided into 4 major allocations.

  • Social Space

Social areas are generally defined in a house as the ones that receive guest and relative traffic.

Social area are designed keeping in mind many factors like easy movement within the space.

Placement of furniture in this regard is considered as the most important.

Social areas or space includes mainly living room, lobby and dining room for interaction with guests.

  • Private Space

Bedrooms are considered as private space within a house. Bedroom is a private area where you take rest, relax and sleep.

  • Work Space

Work zones are defined as places within a house where work activities like cooking and studying is done.

Kitchen and home office are private spaces in general within a house.

  • Storage Space

Storage Space is essentially required in all home. It is a place where you store all extra or backup things in your house.

Storage spaces generally have cupboards, shelves and empty space.

All these space are essentially needed making sure the comfort, functionality and aesthetics of the house are not compromised.

Written by: Adil Masood