What Are Earth Colors? (Explained For Beginners)

Earthy Colors are an evergreen part of the color palette. Earth colors are a reflection of colors and their tones that exist on our earth. Interior design and decor involves colors as an essential ingredients.

Designers play with different colors and their combinations to create an attractive ambience.

Residential and commercial projects both involves various type of color schemes. Colors in both type of projects have their unique statement of style.

Colors from bold to settle can affect human psychology in many ways. Colors can make people happy and sad. They are directly and indirectly linked with the emotions of people.

Many people ask a common question about what are earth colors? This article will explore about the most used and popular earth colors palette.

What Are Earth Colors? A Quick Inside into Earthy Colors.

Earth colors refers to the reflection of colors that exist on the ground or land having shades and tones of brown, occur, rust, reds, orange, white, gray and tones of black. But from a broader perspective earth colors encircle all the colors that naturally exist in nature from earth, sky and sea.

Nature color palette is vast. Many different colors combinations come out of the ground through soft soil to rocky mountains.

These colors and their combinations holds a very attractive visual appeal for every kind of designer. Brown is the most common color, it’s shades and tones can be seen in nature everywhere.

Artists and designer can take their inspirations from nature colors for their projects.

Interior designers use these natural colors in various items in their interior environments, from wall paints to fabrics.

Nature colors like any other colors in the palette have their own charm, meaning and affect. Earthy colors are considered as warm, neutral with a softer and pastel visual appeal.

Colors representing nature tend to bring in warmth and a feeling of smoothness in the interior environment. Natural colors are an evergreen range of color combinations that can fit into any interior design style with ease.

What Are Earth Colors in Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient traditional Chinese philosophy of five elements of nature (earth, fire, water, air, metal) that governs the flow of energy (Chi).

In the construction of buildings, and designing it’s interior Feng Shui concept must be taken into account for better and a comfortable soothing living space.

The colors driven from the five elements of nature can affect human psychology making it happier, if they are used properly.

The earthy colors in Feng Shui covers broader earthy color palette that has a reflection of colors existing in nature.

In Feng Shui earth colors include tones and shades of brown, greens, yellow, rust, gray and black.

Fire colors in Feng Shui include red, orange, yellow. Metal colors are white, grays and black. Air colors are blue, cream, dusty yellow and grey. Whereas water includes blue, green shades and tones.

List of Earth Colors

There is a huge list of colors that can be included as earthy colors.

Here is a small list of color names:

Dirt brown(#836539)

Desert yellow(#a29259)

Dusty yellow(#d4cc9a)

Straw yellow(#f0d696)

Musk Dusk(#cfbfb9)

Brown Grey(#8d8468)

Charcoal Grey(#6e6969)

Charred clay(#885132)



Wood bark(#302621)

Earth brown(#4f1507)


Evergreen forest (#0e695f)

Pine green (#0a481e)



Moss garden (#99bb33)

White sulfer(#f1faea


Blue lagoon(#00626f)

Irish clover(#53734c)

Turtle lake(#73b7a5)

Rolling sea(#5a6d77)

Cod grey(#2d3032)

White smoke(#f5f5f5)



Blue opal(#0f3b57)

Mountain lake(#2d5975)

Meltwater (#79c0cc)

Jasmine flower(#f4e8e1)

Artic dusk(#735b6a)

English violet(#563d5d)

These are a few earthy colors, these are extensively used as stand alone and in combinations by designers.

What Are Earthy or Natural Colors? – Final Thoughts

Colors of the planet reflection in nature is seen in land, sea, air, and metal. Earth colors palette is vast and can impact human psychology in various ways.

Designers of different professional fields use these earthy colors in their projects to create ambiences.

The list of earthy colors mention above is just a short color palette to select your color from. But, in short earth colors form a major chunk of the whole color palette.

So, if you are planning to decorate your home, try using various combinations of natural tones to create your desired Ambience.

Written by: Adil Masood Qazi