What Is Eclectic Interior Design? Eclectic Style Explained

Eclectic interior design refers to a blended or a mixed style of interior decor taken or influenced from various historic periods. Interior designers have used Eclectic style to break away from the monotonous look of using a single interior design style. Different styles from the history are bound by using colors, textures, shapes, fabrics and finishes.

All the spaces in the rooms are masterfully filled with decorative items, from textiles, color schemes and furniture to decorating accessories.

The Definition of Eclectic Interior Design

Eclectic interior design is a mixture of different interior design styles to create beautiful stylish interior ambience. Interior design is an art of planning and creating beautiful spaces.

Interior designers experiment by using individual design styles or blending various interior styles from historic eras to create environments according to the requirement of the clients.

According to Merriam-Webster.com Eclectic is defined as something taken from many sources. Any idea or a concept that is derived from multiple sources is know as Eclectic.

Interior design concepts are rapidly changing with awareness and global access. Interior designers from around the globe experiment with different design styles and their application.

Eclectic interior design style seems to be the result of such an experiment. Everything in Eclectic interior design styles boils down to combining various

When Did Eclectic Design Start?

Well, Eclectic interior design started in the 20th Century. Architects experimented by keeping the historic design influences but at the same time using other design inspirations. The Eclectic design movement originated in Europe.

Eclectic word originated from Greek word eklektikos meaning selective. The eclectic word was originally used for ancient philosophers who did not follow any single system of philosophy and selected any system of philosophy that suits them.

Eclectic interior design is all about reflecting your personality. It is a fun activity of filling interior spaces to create an ambience.

You can choose from a number of interior design styles like farmhouse rustic to minimalist style or mid-century modern.

Characteristics of Eclectic Style

It is very interesting to know that Eclectic interior design styles does not follow any rules. It is the type of decor that help help you build interior environment by incorporating a number of decorating styles.

Though Eclectic interior design does not follow the regular rule and principles of interior design but it surely does focus on creating a beautiful space. Eclectic interior design follow the common characteristics.

1: Mixed Patterns

One of the characteristics of eclectic design is the blend or the mixture of patterns from different nature. Combinations of patterns that does not mix and match using any particular theme. In Eclectic design patterns are combined deliberately to give a blended look.

2: Worldwide Influences

People with exposure of travelling can make a very good eclectic interior design. The influence of different places, cultural reflections together can fill in an interior space with a unique and creative touch.

3: Blending old and new item

One of a common feature of eclectic interior design style is to masterfully use old and new items to create a visual pleasure. Vintage and new things can portray eclectic style in a nut shell.

4: Unique and Surprising Décor

One of the things to expect from an eclectic interior design is a unique and unexpected interior decor. This is mainly because no particular theme or decorating style is followed in eclectic design.

From a range of colors, textures to patterns everything seems to present a visual surprise to the audience.

Creative Eclectic Design Ideas – Mixing Old And New Styles

what is eclectic interior design

Adding Greenery

Using plants in different rooms give home boho, eclectic feel. plants in interior add freshness and are an evergreen way of getting close to nature.

eclectic interior design style

Playing With Color

Colors play a very important role in interior design. Eclectic interior design style support bold color. high contrast and hues of different colors in a space. Color affects human psychology in various ways.

Eclectic interiors become delightful to watch with the spread of such color combinations.

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Casual Layout Style

Eclectic interior design is all about a little surprises in decorating and filling spaces. Casual layout setting is what eclectic design is all about.

Formal interior setting present a systematic layout approach, it is avoided by interior designers for eclectic style of decor.

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Gallery Style Feature Wall

Designing gallery style feature walls in rooms is a true reflection of eclectic decor style. Mixing paintings and pictures without matching frames give the eclectic style vibes.

Gallery feature walls tend to bring in a feeling of freshness.

Eclectic interior design styles is supposed to reflect the personality of the home owner. Many people have this misunderstanding that eclectic design is all about not following the conventional rules of decor.

This is not the only factor to consider for eclectic design interiors.

What is Modern Eclectic Design Style?

Modern interior concepts are very simple and mostly revolves around minimalistic approach of decor and design. Modern eclectic interior design style is smartly selecting different items from various periods and combining them in a space.

Modern eclectic interior design style is a mixing furniture, colors, textiles and accessories to build a modern look. Modern interior design uses monochromatic color palette, sleek furniture, minimalism and natural material.

Keeping these characteristics of modern interior design eclectic look is achieved.

What is Traditional Eclectic?

Generally, we consider traditional as classic. Creating a traditional eclectic look means getting various items that reflects the classic style.

Using renaissance, Victorian, Georgian era furniture, tapestries and decorative accessories can help in creating a traditional eclectic design look.


Eclectic interior design is a style that many interior designers and decorators follow. Eclectic has become an evergreen style. The core influence and characteristics of the style involves the blending and mixture of various styles taken from historic periods.

The combination of colors, textures, furniture styles, decorative accessories and textiles together help in the creation of a beautiful environment.

Written by: Adil Masood Qazi