Are Velvet Curtains Good? (Answered)

Curtains are an essential dressing element for windows. In an interior design space window curtains create an impact of their on. The answer to are Velvet curtains good is simply yes. Velvet fabric gives a rich, elegant and luxury look to interiors.

Velvet is a good heavy material with a slight sheen that makes it look luxurious.

Velvet in general means a soft and smooth fabric. Interior designers choose curtains that blend well with over all interior styles of the room.

Velvet is their best choice for larger windows in living or dinning rooms, as they on larger scale leave a grand impression.

Selecting velvet fabric for curtains can be tricky as there are a variety of velvet qualities available in the market. You can always choose a good store online or offline while making your selections.

Amazon is a good place to find quality velvet curtains. Amazon platform has a huge range of vendors who supply velvet curtains in various sizes.

In this short and focused article we will explore about velvet curtains and how can they look good on windows.

Are Velvet Curtains Good – Velvet Curtains Pros and Cons

Velvet is woven in different material combinations. Velvet due to this reason is available in a few considerable types.

Knowing different types of velvet is important to make the best choice for window curtains.

Here are a few velvet fabric types you should know about if you are planning to choose curtains:

Types of Velvet fabrics

  • Plain Velvet
  • Crushed Velvet
  • Stretch Velvet
  • Panne Velvet
  • Embossed Velvet
  • Cisele Velvet ( Patterned Velvet)
  • Pile on Pile Velvet

These are a few types of popular velvet fabrics used by interior designers.

Is Velvet Good Material For Drapes?

Velvet is a soft and smooth material for curtains. The best way to throw a luxurious impact is by dressing bigger windows with silk velvet curtains.

Silk velvet curtain fabric gives a perfect fall as they are soft, shimmery and their construction is smooth.

Silk or nylon velvet curtains are recommended generally for larger windows.

Silk is natural and is an expensive choice. Whereas nylon velvet is economical with the same looks as silk.

This is because the drapes or gathers are nearer to each other and curtain fall is visually pleasing.

Velvet Curtains Pros

Velvet curtains have a presence of their on in interior spaces. Designers prefer velvet curtains in three rooms especially, living room, dinning room and bedroom.

Here are a few pros of using velvet fabric curtains:

  • Velvet has a rich and luxurious look and feel. Velvet curtains look classy and modern at the same time. A lot depends on how they are used.
  • Velvet curtains can block the sunlight in the room in a much better way when lined, in comparison to other fabrics.
  •  Velvet curtains increases the aesthetic value of the room.
  • Velvet fabric can act as a good insulation material against cold. Its dense construction helps protect against cold and moist weather.
  • Velvet curtains also help in reducing the echo in the room in addition to carpets and rugs.

Velvet Curtains Cons

Velvet curtain fabric have their own slight dis-advantages also.

Here are a few:

  •  Velvet curtain surface can catch dust and pollutant particles present in the air.
  • It becomes difficult to remove stains from lighter color velvet fabric.
  • Velvet curtains require more frequent cleaning and maintenance.

These are just a few cons of using velvet curtain fabric.

Are Velvet Curtains Good For Bedroom?

Bedroom is a place where we all relax and take sound sleep. Interior designers make sure they create a soothing and relaxing ambience in bedroom.

This is the room where they play safe in selecting materials, color schemes, furniture and fixtures. The core intension is to make bedroom as comfortable as possible.

Velvet curtain fabric have a visually soft and pleasing texture. They look luxurious, soft and comfortable in their appearance.

This is the quality that makes velvet fabric curtains best choice for bedroom window dressing.

Final Thoughts

Velvet fabric has been around for years, it has been a symbol of luxury and comfort. Velvet fabric curtains are a good choice for larger windows where thet can visibly leave an impact.

If you are thinking of changing your living room, bedroom or dining room curtains than try using velvet fabric.

Velvet can instantly transform your window into a luxury feature element to look at.

Written by: Adil Masood Qazi