Which Curtains Are Best For Bedroom?

Curtains are needed in almost every house with windows. They create a statement of their own when it comes to window dressing.The answer to which curtains are best for bedroom is simple, “they should be in layers”.

Layered curtains have a few upfront benefits. Later in this brief article we will explore the main two reasons why best curtains for bedroom should have layers.

So let’s dive in..

Curtain fabric comes in many designs, colors and materials. Every of these factors help on creating an outlook in a room.

Interior designers select and use curtain materials and their style according to a specific theme of the room.

It is mostly suggested that bedroom curtains should be in layers, with the front main curtain in heavier fabric material.

Bedroom is a place where you need to relax and take a sound sleep. Heavier curtains help in cutting down any minor sounds that can come through windows.

Windows in bedrooms are essentially required to circulate the air and light for ventilation.

But at the same time windows should be properly dressed and covered with curtains to provide better thermal insulation.

At the same time when you want to sleep light coming from the window can be a disturbing and an anoying factor.

Curtains in bedroom plays many roles, let’s explore them and eventually we will find that best curtains for bedrooms are the one that have layers of fabric.

More than one layer of curtains in bedroom firstly blocks light for creating a relaxing environment.

Interior decorators mostly use blackout or inner lining behind the main curtain to block any external light coming in from the window.

Secondly layers in curtains help insulate the room from either cold or warm temperatures outside.

And above all they help in maintaining the room temperature.

Thirdly layer of bedroom curtains increase the privacy.

Lastly layered curtains consist of main curtains with inter lining and blackout and the second layer is mostly sheer curtains.

These layers of curtains look aesthetically beautiful and stylish.

The curtain pattern and color definitely makes layered curtains stand out as an element of attention.

Material wise cotton is a good choice as it is breathable and can be maintained easily.

The best bedroom curtains color should be pastel in shades as they will create relaxing ambience.

Colors like blues, greens, pink, white yellow, etc, and other lighter earth tones are the best for bedroom curtains.

These color tend to reduce stress and sooth the nervous system for sound sleep.

A good selection of curtain material, style, color and installation can affect you mental and physical health.

How To Choose The Best Curtains For Bedroom – A Quick Checklist

Choosing the best curtains for bedroom is the priority of the home owners.

To make sure you select the right curtains and install them correctly I have compiles a checklist that can really help.

The Checklist 

  • Curtains should be mounted 4-6 inches above window frame
  • Take proper measurements of the window so that you can choose the best curtains
  • Always choose blackout privacy curtains
  • Cotton dominating material in curtain fabric construction is preferred as it is light, breathable and easy to care for material
  • Cotton velvet is an excellent material as it is heavier and a good insulator fabric
  • Use thicker curtain rods so that they can withstand the heavy weight of the curtains.
  • Choose curtains fabric that is machine washable
  • Select curtains that are in soothing colors, patterns and blend well with interior style
  • Always consider the type of light comes ng into your bedroom so that you can select layers of curtains accordingly
  • Curtains should touch the ground
  • You can pair your curtains that is main curtain, sheer curtains and blind
  • Add trims to the curtains to give them a finished look

These are the the few points in checklist that will help you select the right curtains for your bedroom.

In a nut shell the best curtains for bedrooms are the one that have layers of at-least 2 curtains, good design and style that blends in well with rest of the year interior.

So, if you are planning to change your old curtains in bedroom, just try to put layered curtains to get the best results in bedroom.

Written by: Adil Masood Qazi