Are Kitchen Rugs Necessary? (Explained)

Are Kitchen Rugs Necessary? Well, technically rugs in kitchen are not needed. Rugs are considered as soft furnishing accessories for the floor. Most of us, including interior designers use rugs and runners to add in warmth and color and style in interior spaces. Almost every room can be decorated by rugs and carpets of different styles and sizes.

Kitchen is not a suitable place for placing textile materials and items like rugs and carpets. In this short article we will explore about placing rugs in kitchen.

Rugs in Kitchen Yes or No?

In few scenarios kitchen rugs can be used. In such a situation the size of kitchen, and the rug will matter. The main purpose of kitchen floor is easy cleaning and safety. Kitchen floor should be clear and distraction free for walking around.

There are a number of good options that you can always use for your kitchen floor as an alternate to rugs, eg. tiles with pattern in different colors. Jute rugs are a good choice for kitchen because of their durability.

The safety of kitchen demands careful selection of materials as a standard practice. The material either functional or decorative must meet the safety standards of the kitchen environment.

Pros of Kitchen Rugs

One thing is for sure that the final decision of placing rugs on kitchen floor is in your hands. But here are some of the pros of using rugs in kitchen.

Interior designers consider various aspects while designing kitchen, and using rugs is just one of them.

Increased Comfort Level

Rugs are associated with an idea of bringing in comfort in a space. Walking on a softer surface is a joy in itself. The hectic, and stressful kitchen routine can be made a bit comfy by using kitchen area rugs of various sizes.

Walking on a hard kitchen floor for a longer time may cause fatigue and make you uncomfortable. A lot depends on the type of tile or any other material you have used on kitchen floor.

If you really want to enjoy cooking your environment should support your comfort level as well. Rugs can do so easily if chosen and placed rightly.

Enhance Beauty

There are many things that add beauty to your kitchen. From lights to the false ceiling and shelves everything contribute in building the perfect environment.

Rugs adds color texture and coziness to your kitchen. Rugs can blend in or stand out as a contrast in your kitchen.

Add Coziness and Warmth

Rugs are associated with bringing in the warmth and coziness to any room. They look inviting and turn the interior place into a comfortable and cozy space.

Rugs Kill Noise

Rugs and carpets are know as noise killers. Rugs reduce noise, they can be decorative floor noise reducers. Designers keep this quality of rugs in consideration while design kitchen interior. Textile materials have the quality of absorbing sounds and decreasing the intensity of the sound.

Rugs Adds Character To Kitchen Interior

Designers use various decorating themes to make kitchen look beautiful, and display a certain character. From rustic industrial look to minimalist design approach rugs can add character and a personal statement to your kitchen space.

Rugs with all their textures, colors and patterns can bring in a certain warmth and style that can enhance the decor statement of a particular style. You can select the rug that best matches your specific theme and elevate the kitchen interior.

There are a number of stores that offer rugs online. You can browse many options of area rugs, and get yourself the one which fits the best in your interior environment.

Cons of Kitchen Rugs

Just like the pros of using kitchen rugs, their are certain cons as well. Getting to know both can help you make a wise decision of using rugs in kitchen.

Difficult Cleaning Requirements

Rugs come in different blends of yarn. The cleaning requirement of rugs vary according to their construction and type of yarn. Washing and drying the rugs is an exercise and time consuming practice in itself. Rugs at times take longer time to dry as well.

Rugs are a textile material and unlike tile can be damaged during the washing process. Rugs do requires an extra expense and care as compared to cleaning a tiled floor.

Rugs Are Not A Hygienic Option

Kitchen area is supposed to be highly hygienic and free from all the possible germs, bacteria and dust. Placing rugs in kitchen can be risky. Rugs can hide dust and germs that may cause health problems.

Kitchen temperatures can get sensitive depending upon the cooking style and time. Rugs and their piles can ignite health issues like allergies and asthma in kitchen environment.

Therefore, while you are happy enhancing the beauty of kitchen by placing rugs, you should also consider the hygienic hazards.

Rugs Can Cause Safety Problems

Textile materials are generally avoided or used less in the kitchen. Only functional textile products are used carefully. Rugs are not advised in kitchen as they can catch accidental fire or cause some other kind of hazard.

Here is an interesting article on having pros and cons of rugs in kitchen at Homedit

Final Thoughts

Well, surely rugs are a beautiful way of decorating the floors. They work well in bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms lobby and entry halls. But for kitchen they might just look out of place. The best solution for kitchen floor decoration could be a tile with patterns.

The final decision depends upon the house owner after considering all the pros and cons mentioned above. You should consider all the factors including the space you have for your kitchen. A smaller kitchen space might not need any rug at all.

But, again everything boils down to what you want and how you want your kitchen to look. If decorative rugs reflect your personal style and statement then you should use rugs. The size of your kitchen does matter in selecting the right rug size.

Happy experimenting!

Written By: Adil Masood Qazi