Creative Places to Use Runner Rugs in Your Home

Runner rugs are longer length decorative rugs that are shorter in width. Where to place runner rugs? Well the answer is any place in your house that can easily accommodate longer rugs, for example corridors, narrow hallways and staircases.

Runner rugs are an evergreen way of furnishing your floors. We all love to decorate spaces with runner rugs to bring in warmth and attraction. It does not matter if you want to place the runner rugs on wooden or marble floors, it looks beautiful either ways. Runner rugs are a beautiful design additions to fill room spaces.

Rugs have evolved over a period of time, runner rugs gained popularity and have become evergreen decorative item for floor furnishing. Runner rugs bring in style and a statement to any room in your house. Most runner width range from 2’50”, 3, 4, 6 and 8 feet in width with 6, 5, 8 and 12 feet in standard length.

So! lets explore where you can put runner in your house?

Adding Runner Rug in Hallways

Hallway is place that leads to different rooms in your house. It is the center of focus of the house. We give special attention to hallway as a good welcome area. Adding a runner rug will add instant felling of coziness and royalty. It reduces sound of the wooden floor. Further Persian runner rugs bring in luxury feel and a personal decor statement.

Putting Runner Rug in Living Room

Adding a runner rug under the furniture pieces in living room is a common practice. Interior designers put runner rug under furniture pieces like consoles and couches. Doing this adds unity to the over all design layout. You can also place runner rugs in front of sofa or a couch.

Runner rugs comes in different sizes. You can smartly choose your runner rug depending upon the space of your room. Runners help in visually diving an open space. You can place your runner rugs over carpet also to add an extra touch of design and style.

Adding Runner Rugs in Bedroom

Bedroom is a place where you look for comfort, coziness and relaxation. Runners ideally deals with all of them. Runners can be ideally put in space between the bed foot board and the wall in-front. You can also place runners on both sides of the bed. You can also put runner underneath your bed, but make sure some portion of it extends outside the bed.

Final Thoughts – Where To Put Runner Rug

Runner rugs are used as decorative pieces to add warmth and beauty to room. Unlike area rugs runners are longer in length compared to their widths. Therefor, they need a space on floor where they can best fit. They can be put in the center of stairways, corridors etc. They act as visual dividers where space is open and larger. Such space are usually in the living rooms. 

There is no set formula for placing the runner rugs. Its just that you need to allocate appropriate longer space for them. Runner rugs comes in different sizes. You can select the size according to you space.

Remember! there are two places that are technically not advisable for runner rug placement, one is your kitchen are and second the bathroom. 

Just go buy a perfect runner rug that blends well with your interior decor and especially the space.

And have fun decorating with runner rugs!

Written By: Soha