What is Gothic furniture style? (Explained)

Gothic furniture style is a distinctive and attention seeking design that has been popular for centuries. Gothic furniture style is defined by its decorative and dramatic details, dark polish colors, and intricate carving patterns. It is mostly linked with medieval Europe and is known for its grandeur and richness. Interior designers have been using Gothic … Read more

How Do I Choose Soft Furnishings? (Answered)

Soft furnishings are an essential item in every home. They help in creating an interior ambience. They are an unavoidable item for any room. When it comes to choosing soft furnishings for your home interior, there are a few important factors to consider (durability, colors, and budget) to ensure you make suitable selection for your … Read more

Accent Wall Rules Interior Design Professionals Follow

Accent wall rules mainly follow 60 30 10 formula along with many others. Typically designers follow 60% dominant color, 30% secondary color and 10% accent color. Though it is just a rule that in general interior designers follow but, this is not a hard and fast rule to apply. Every residential and commercial interior project … Read more

Do Interior Designers Do Space Planning? (Answered)

Interior designers primary job is to do space planning and make them look beautiful. Space in interiors is what needs to be designed depending upon different factors. Interior designers are trained through formal education to solve space design and other related problems. Clients hire them specifically to make sure their interior spaces are comfortable, beautiful … Read more

4 Types of Spaces in Interior Design Explained

Types of spaces in interior design range from social, private, work and storage. These spaces needs their own space planning considerations. Interior design is an interesting practice of planning and decorating spaces within a house. The above mentioned 4 spaces play vital role in a residential setting. Interior designers concentrate on the specific functional requirements … Read more

Are Crystal Chandeliers For Dining Room Important? (Answered)

Lights play a very important role in interior design in a number of ways. Hanging crystal chandeliers for dining room have become a tradition with most people. High end commercial and residential spaces both install crystal chandeliers to make interior ambience look beautiful. Crystal chandeliers looks good and blends well in both classic and modern … Read more

Why is CAD Important For Interior Design? ( Answere

Digital softwares have been facilitating designers in various ways. CAD is important for interior designers as it saves time, and help in generating technical floor plans, elevations, and other interior related drawings. CAD software in interior design industry has become an essential tool for generating scaled and technically detailed drawings. Interior designers use CAD for … Read more

Should Accent Chairs Be Same Height As Sofa (Answered)

Accent furniture is a great way to support and compliment main furniture items. There is no rule that defines that accent chair height should match the height of sofa in a residential setting. There are a few considerations though when adjusting accent furniture in any room, especially living room. The prime factor to consider is … Read more

What is MDF in Furniture? (Characteristics Explained)

Engineered and composite materials have always facilitated furniture design industry. The answer to what is MDF in furniture refers to a composite sheet of wood that is engineered to replace solid wood surface economically. Interior designers use variety of composite materials including MDF for interior works. This short article will focus on what is MDF … Read more

Which Curtains Are Best For Bedroom?

Curtains are needed in almost every house with windows. They create a statement of their own when it comes to window dressing.The answer to which curtains are best for bedroom is simple, “they should be in layers”. Layered curtains have a few upfront benefits. Later in this brief article we will explore the main two … Read more