How to Match Accent Chairs With Sofa? (Solved)

Matching accent chairs with a sofa can be a challenging task, especially if you want to achieve a cohesive and stylish look in your interior. However, with a few tips and tricks, you can easily find the perfect accent chairs to complement your sofa and enhance the overall decor of your living room. This article … Read more

What is Gothic furniture style? (Explained)

Gothic furniture style is a distinctive and attention seeking design that has been popular for centuries. Gothic furniture style is defined by its decorative and dramatic details, dark polish colors, and intricate carving patterns. It is mostly linked with medieval Europe and is known for its grandeur and richness. Interior designers have been using Gothic … Read more

Should Accent Chairs Be Same Height As Sofa (Answered)

Accent furniture is a great way to support and compliment main furniture items. There is no rule that defines that accent chair height should match the height of sofa in a residential setting. There are a few considerations though when adjusting accent furniture in any room, especially living room. The prime factor to consider is … Read more

What is MDF in Furniture? (Characteristics Explained)

Engineered and composite materials have always facilitated furniture design industry. The answer to what is MDF in furniture refers to a composite sheet of wood that is engineered to replace solid wood surface economically. Interior designers use variety of composite materials including MDF for interior works. This short article will focus on what is MDF … Read more

Can You Gloss Mdf? (Answered)

can you gloss mdf

Can you gloss Mdf? Well, yes you can gloss Mdf (Medium Density Fiberboard) for sure, depending upon the need of the design. Mdf is an economical alternate to wood and one can literally make anything put from it. Mdf can be used to make furniture and other decorative fixtures and woodworks. Interior designers and contractors … Read more

Is Art Deco Furniture Valuable? (Answered)

Is Art Deco Furniture Valuable

Art Deco furniture refers to the glamorous and luxury look and art inspired furniture. With it’s extra shinny finishes, geometric and flowing smooth curves, intricate wood inlay patterns, bold colors, and decorative metal accent add-ons this popular style emerged in France in 1920s. The answer to is Art Deco Furniture valuable is definitely yes. Art … Read more

Is Rattan Furniture in Style? (Answered)

is rattan furniture in style

Is rattan furniture in style? Well, rattan furniture has always kept its place in interior design industry. Interior design field is vast when it comes to incorporating ideas, items and material applications. Interior designers aim at creating attractive interior space ambience by using various materials and products. Furniture, feature walls and unique material applications have … Read more

Are Leather Sofas Comfortable? What To Know Before You Buy

are leather sofa comfortable

Are leather sofas comfortable? Yes, top grain quality leather sofas are always comfortable for seating. Good supportive frames, soft cushions and warm blankets make leather sofa and chairs comfortable and relaxing. Leather though is an expensive choice for furniture upholstery. Leather furniture in the market is expensive and in demand as an evergreen choice for … Read more