What is The Purpose of Soft Furnishings? (Explained)

Soft furnishings are an important element in interior design. Fabrics are an unavoidable items in a house. The real quick answer about the purpose of soft furnishings is that they unit all the elements present in interior space. Interior designers and decorators have been using soft furnishing products in various ways in residential and commercial … Read more

Are Velvet Curtains Good? (Answered)

Curtains are an essential dressing element for windows. In an interior design space window curtains create an impact of their on. The answer to are Velvet curtains good is simply yes. Velvet fabric gives a rich, elegant and luxury look to interiors. Velvet is a good heavy material with a slight sheen that makes it … Read more

Are Tapestries Out of Style? – (Answered)

Are Tapestries Out of Style

Tapestries are an essential part of textile soft furnishings in interior design. Residential projects require different decorative and functional design elements including tapestries. So, the answer to are tapestries out of style is a big “No”. Tapestries are an evergreen decorative soft furnishings essential element. There are many reasons for tapestries to stay in style … Read more

What is Tapestry Used For? [Answered]

what is tapestry used for

What is tapestry used for? Tapestry can be used in many ways from wall hanging, curtains to upholstery (covering) material on furniture pieces. Tapestry is the oldest form of textile art. Fabric is woven by hand in a way that both warp and weft threads are not visible. You will agree that we all love … Read more