Where Does a Round Rug Look Good? (Explained)

Where does a round rug look good can be a tricky answer You can place round rugs depending upon the space layout, from bedroom to dining room round rugs can have their own unique presence. Round rugs are an excellent way to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room in your home. … Read more

Are Kitchen Rugs Necessary? (Explained)

are kitchen rugs necessary

Are Kitchen Rugs Necessary? Well, technically rugs in kitchen are not needed. Rugs are considered as soft furnishing accessories for the floor. Most of us, including interior designers use rugs and runners to add in warmth and color and style in interior spaces. Almost every room can be decorated by rugs and carpets of different … Read more

Creative Places to Use Runner Rugs in Your Home

where to put runner rugs

Runner rugs are longer length decorative rugs that are shorter in width. Where to place runner rugs? Well the answer is any place in your house that can easily accommodate longer rugs, for example corridors, narrow hallways and staircases. Runner rugs are an evergreen way of furnishing your floors. We all love to decorate spaces … Read more