Is Red Maple Hard or Soft – (Answered)

Maple wood is a type of wood that is used extensively as an evergreen raw material. Wood as essential raw material is used for different projects, such as construction, furniture, and art. Interior designers, furniture manufactures and other product designers use red maple wood in diversified projects to achieve their desired results. The properties of … Read more

Is Victorian Style Modern? (Answered)

Victorian is a popular classic style of interior, but Victorian style is not modern. Interior design industry moves at a fast pace with quick changes in concepts, materials and executions. The history of interior design can be tracked down with tons of styles that have influenced a particular era. This brief article will explore if … Read more

Why Do People Love Fireplaces? (Answered)

Fireplaces in homes are not new, they have a strong presence in history. People love fireplaces as they look elegant and provide warmth in rooms along with a few other factors. The journey of fireplaces can be seen significantly during European medieval time castles. History has been a great source of inspiration for contemporary interior … Read more

What Adds Value To a Bedroom? (Explained)

Bedrooms in any house is the most important room people look forward to when buying a house. A good room size, window, walk in closet along with other factors adds value to a house. Property investors pay a close attention to bedroom details. A number of factors can in this regard are to be considered … Read more

Is wood ceiling a good idea? Interesting Facts To Know

Wood ceiling is not a new concept, it has been around since long. Wood ceiling is a good idea for commercial and residential projects as it brings in warmth and style. Interior designers use many materials for cladding the ceilings. Wood is one material that transforms the ceilings beautifully. Wood ceilings have always been an … Read more

What is Interior Window Casing? (Modern Window Trims Explained)

Windows are an essential architectural elements that are build to let light and air fill the rooms. Interior window casing is the boarder that covers the window from all four sides to hide any gaps between dry wall and the window frame. Window casings are also named as window trims or moldings. Installing window casings … Read more

Sculpture Meaning in Art I Everything You Need To Know

Art as a self expression of an individual has been around for many decades. Sculpture meaning in art refers to as an art form that is either three dimensional or in relief. Sculptures have forms rather than shapes mostly. Art as a form of communicating thoughts through different mediums has a language of its own. … Read more

What is Human Psychology? (Explained)

Human mind is a complex machine that continusely works in developing human responses. What is Human Psychology can be answered simply as the science of developing behavior against changes. (Positive and negative)  The nature of human mind to search, find answers, and develop responses is its typical characteristic. Human psychology is a deep subject that … Read more

Are Composite Materials Recyclable? Answered

Are Composite Materials Recyclable? Well the answer is yes composite materials can be recycled once the need arises. Composite materials recycling give way to new materials and products that meet the style and fashion demand of the target audience. Definition of Composite Materials Composite materials are made by combining a mixture of other materials through … Read more