Maple Wood Advantages And Disadvantages

Maple wood advantages and disadvantages

Maple Wood Advantages And Disadvantages defines how it will behave if used for making diversified products. Maple is native species to Asia. However, some species are also found in Europe, Northern Africa, and Northern America. Maple has high usage in many different things. These are used in flooring, especially heavy-duty, which includes making bowling alleys, … Read more

Organic Interior Design Concept – Organic Modern Interior Ideas

Organic Interior Design Concept

Organic interior design concept is important to understand and apply in modern world. Interior design is an art of planning and decorating interior spaces. We all love to design and decorate room spaces. All of rooms within a house involve lot of items of functional and decorative use. If you are a an interior design … Read more

7 Ultimate Types Of Wood For Interior Design You Should Know About

types of wood for interior design

Types of wood for interior design like teak, oak, walnut, maple, etc. are used through out the house interior. Interior design is a vastly growing field with unique and interesting ideas. Designers use various creative ways to make home look beautiful. For this purpose they use many different materials in creating ambience. Wood for interior … Read more

How Do Interior Decorators Work? [Step By Step]

How Do Interior Decorators Work

How interior decorators work? Well! They work by following a set design process. Interior decorators in a nut shell, start the project by visualizing a theme or style, and then executing everything according to that theme. Interior decorating is an art that inspires many people. We all love to decorate and make our home beautiful … Read more

Do Recessed Lights Increase Home Value? Yes And Here is Why

Do Recessed Lights Increase Home Value?

Do recessed lights increase home value? “Yes” recessed lights increase home value by creating a dramatic, modern and attractive look of home. Everything that you add to the decor and interior of your home does have a positive affect on its value. Interior design is an art of creating ambience for comfortable living. Many design … Read more

What is Industrial Style Lighting – (Explained)

Industrial Style Lighting

What is industrial style lighting? Well, industrial interior design style is popular as it reflects casual yet artistic representation of factory, or a warehouse inspired environment. Many modern day interior designers decorate residential and commercial interiors inspired by this factory or industrial look. Talking about what is industrial style lighting? Well, any lighting design that … Read more

What Is The 60 30 10 Decorating Rule?

60 30 10 Decorating Rule

Home decorating is an art that involves different factors of importance. Interior designers and decorators in modern times follow a certain decorating rules. Many of us think about what is the 60 30 10 decorating rule? Well, its is a basic classic decor rule that interior decorators use for applying color combinations in a room. … Read more

Can I Install A Fireplace In My House? (Explained)

Can I Install A Fireplace In My House

Can I install a fireplace in my house? Well! Yes you can install a fireplace in different rooms of your house. Fireplace is a luxury element that adds style and also increases the value of your property. Fireplaces are an evergreen ornamental element to add in your house regardless of its architectural style. It works … Read more

Why is Scandinavian design so popular?

Why is Scandinavian design so popular

Clean lines, warm colors, minimalist design, and functional approach is the answer to why is Scandinavian design so popular. Architects are constructing modern houses with innovative and new construction materials. The demand of such an architectural spaces require light, minimalist and functional approach in design. Interior designers always look forward to experimenting with unique and … Read more

Is Granite Good For Kitchen Countertops? Yes And Here Is Why

Is Granite Good For Kitchen Countertops

Granite’s heat resistance, low maintenance, durability, uniqueness, and granites premium look makes it as the best material for kitchen countertops. Modern home interiors reflects the luxury look and granite kitchen countertops makes this possible. So, the simple answer to, is granite good for kitchen countertops? is a yes it adds lot of character and value … Read more