Can You Mix Different Types of Wood Furniture? (Explained)

Furniture is one the most important product in interior design. It dominates the maximum space in rooms. Can you mix different wood furniture? Well, yes you can blend in different wood furniture. Mixing different wood furniture is not a new experience for many interior designers and home owners. Interior designers plan spaces and decorate them with different styles of furniture.

There are many wood types, some natural, and some engineered available in market. Furniture manufacturers also use these types of wood depending upon their use.

Wood finishes also help in mixing and blending various wood furniture. In this short article we will explore what wood types work well together and is it possible for designers to mix different wood furniture in the first place.

Can You Mix Different Types of Wood Furniture? 

Interior design is an interesting field in which anything that builds a good visual appeal works, and gets appreciated. There is no harm in mixing different types of wood furniture in one room. Most of the time its the living room, bed room and entry halls where different wood furniture is blended.

Here is a list of woods that blends well together:

1: Walnut and Maple Wood

2: Maple and Cherry

3: Red Oak and White Ash

4: White Oak and Walnut

5: Mahogany and Cherry

These are a few combination of woods types that blends well together. In many cases matching wood paint or finish is a good way out while mixing furniture. Pairing different types of wood in furniture looks pleasing. While mixing various wood type furniture wood grains and color plays a vital part. Visual adjudgment and adjustment of two or more types of wood must be considered seriously.

You can select the largest piece in the room and than start matching other wood furniture accordingly. In Eclectic style interior where different interior styles are blended you can mix different wood furniture. The only thing you should care about is that different wood type furniture must compliment each other.

Should You Blend Different Wood Type Furniture

Interior design is an interesting field. It always aims towards creating beautiful ambience. The rooms are designed to hold a certain balance an interest. This aim is achieved through the use of color, textures and styles or themes. Among many elements of furniture plays equally important role.

Mixing different types of wooden furniture with matching or complimenting polish / paint is a good option. This is a good way of keeping people interest in an environment. The blending of different wood type furniture also give the environment a cozy yet modern feel.

Written by: Adil Masood Qazi