Do Buyers Prefer Carpet in Bedrooms? [Property Resale Secret]

Do buyers prefer carpet in bedrooms? “No” most buyers prefer wooden floor in bedrooms. There are many reasons for them to think like this. Buyers look into different details while purchasing a house. Opting for wooden floor is their first choice. One of the biggest mistake that can lower the price of your property is to go after wall to wall carpet in bedroom.

Carpet being a luxury in the bedroom is not necessarily important in modern contemporary home interiors. Good wood flooring with area rigs to furnish the floor is turning into a trend that raises the value of your house.

Buyers do look for soft furnishing in the bedroom, but the idea of having area rugs on a wood or a vinyl floor is equally appreciated by the buyers. The buyers preference of using hypoallergenic carpet is also in trend.

In this short read we will explore the reasons most buyers don’t prefer carpet in bedrooms.

Reasons Buyers Don’t Prefer Carpet In Bedroom

  • Carpet in Bedrooms Seems Like An Out Dated Trend

Carpet has a long history of being in trend. People preferred carpets in bedrooms as the new material for their floor covering. The concept of wall to wall carpet fascinated people. For a long time carpet in bedrooms seems to be the only standard of comfort and luxury.

It still is, but the average liking for carpets in bedrooms has gone down. Wood floors vs carpet in bedrooms is an interesting debate between the lovers of the two. Interior designers offered carpet as their first choice to cover the bedroom floor. They presented simple logic that it looks comfortable and cozy.

Buyers on the other hand think it seems like an out dated trend if compared to wooden floors and they cause health issues. Carpet designs may blend with the rest of the interior. But than again, everything boils down to the personal choice of the buyers.

Buyers always make changes to the existing house, and these changes may result in a new interior design style that has no room for carpet in bedrooms. So carpet seems like an out dated choice in bedrooms from buyers point of view.

Do Buyers Prefer Carpet in Bedrooms? Well, Here is Why They Don’t.

  • Carpet in Bedrooms is Difficult To Clean

Carpets can be very difficult to handle when it comes to cleanliness. Carpets generally have piles that extend from its surface. It is easy for the dust and other pollutants to hide in small spaces in carper weaves.

Though the vacuum cleaners can get dust out but still little particles make their way to escape in the piles of carpet surface. Cleaning carpet needs a lot of effort and energy in comparison to wooden or tiled bedroom floor.

This is the second reason buyers do not prefer carpets in bedroom while making a purchase.

  • Carpets Don’t Give a Luxury Look

Buyers don’t prefer carpet in bedroom because of the fact that it does not give a luxury look in comparison to wooden floor. Carpet generally are considered as an old medium to cover floors.

Hardwood or engineered wooden floors give a luxury feel to bed room. You can always place area rugs over wooden floors to bring in style and cozy feel to the bedroom environment.

  • Carpet is a Lesser Hygienic Solution

Carpet in a bedrooms feels like a lesser hygienic solution. Most of the buyers who buy properties for reinvestment feel carpet is not a healthy floor covering solution. Bedroom carpeting is just not environment or Eco friendly.

Therefore buyers instead look for wooden flooring or tiled flooring. Carpets hold dust and bacteria with time and may cause allergies.

Keeping such things in mind buyers do not prefer carpets in bedroom.
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Does Replacing Carpet Increase Value of Home

Carpets in bedroom in modern architectural homes is not preferred. Generally modern day interior designers prefer wooden or marble floors with area rugs on it. But, in the end everything boils down to the theme or style of decor interior designers are trying to achieve.

If you are thinking of renovations, replace wall to wall carpet from your bedroom or throughout the house to raise its value considerably.

Do Buyers Prefer Carpet in Bedroom – Final Thoughts

Carpet has been an evergreen choice for bedroom floor coverings. They are available in many colors and designs. This gives the liberty to interior designers in blending carpet in the color scheme, and style of the bedroom decor.

But with the introduction to advanced technology in interior design industry, engineered wood floorings are now in trend and thought as a better replacement solution than carpets.

Interior designers prefer wooden floors in their projects as a neater and more contemporary design solution. Carpets do have their pros and cons. Like mentioned above carpets do store impurities like dust and germs in its piled surface.

This may lead in developing unhealthy living situations with time. Wooden flooring on the other hand offers more advantages as it gives a luxury feel to bedroom space.

And you can always place area rugs on the wooden floor for warmth. Buyers do prefer wooden floors over carpeted flooring as a contemporary interior design practice.

Written By: Adil Masood Qazi