Do Interior Designers Travel? Yes And Here is Why

Do interior designers travel a lot? well, the answer is yes. Interior designers travel around the world for a number of reasons, from client meetings to buying items for their projects. Interior designers are likely to travel regularly if need arises. Designers work for companies who require them to travel locally and internationally depending upon the need of the project. The project requirement will make them travel less or a lot.

Interior designers who are entrepreneurs or running their own interior design companies also travel as per project need. Interior design is an exciting and interesting field. It is full of creative experiences.

As an interior designer getting international exposure can become useful. The more you see the world and take references the more ideas you will have for brainstorming.

This article will explore the answer to interior designers traveling locally and internationally. Interior designers do travel , but do they travel a lot will depend on the kind of the project they work on.

Do Interior Designers Travel a Lot? A Quick Inside

Interior design is a fast growing industry. Is it possible for interior designers to travel a lot? Well, designers may need to travel frequently due to many reasons depending on their working environment.

As an interior designer I travel around the globe not only to get exposure but also to collect items that I am able to use in my projects.

do interior designers travel a lot

How Far Interior Designers Travel?

Interior design has many dimensions in the nature and scope of related work. From meeting clients, visiting project sites, traveling to precure materials interior designers cover diversified areas of work.

Interior designers travel in their local vicinity, region, nationwide and also outside their country to accomplish the job at hand. These jobs at hand could be a client meeting or attending a trade show or an exhibition.

The requirement of the interior design project make them travel according to the need. With the advanced technology and interior design concepts the interior design industry demands well groomed exposure of traveling.

Interior designer travel and build their reference library that includes, new concepts, materials, products and execution of ideas.

Interior designers traveling a lot may also depends on how good a designer you are, or how much in demand you are as an expert.

Do Interior Designers Charge For Travel Time

Interior designers work for clients within country, but out side their region they often charge travelling allowance. This traveling allowance may vary depending on the distance.

Interior designers as a thumb rule charge $0.51/mile. For example if the distance is 100 miles away they will charge $51.

Most of the time interior designers charge as per hours (Between $500 – $1500). Some interior designers add some percentage of traveling charges in the total cost of the interior design project.

The charges rise considerably if interior designers have to travel outside the country.

Some national and international clients also pay travel charges like air plane tickets, accommodation and eating charges. 

Can You be an Interior Designer without Traveling at All?

Well, the answer is yes you can be an interior designer without travelling. This situation can come if your complete business is online.

You can get different interior design related work from online clients and deliver them back online as-well.

In case you have a business offline, you can still stay in your office and make your team travel for different reasons. You can hire junior interior designers to meet clients and fulfill all the project requirements.

In such a scenario you will be acting like a sleeping partner in your own business. Your team will efficiently work for you and all you can do is supervise the whole project from your office.

How Much Does a Traveling Interior Designer Make?

There are many a times when interior designers have to just travel and make money. This is an exciting scenario for those who love to travel and make money.

Currently travel designers salaries range between $41,500-$75000. With top earning interior designers making 107,000 annually across united states.

Can Interior Designers Work Remotely? From Any Location

Modern technologies like high speed internet has made it possible to work online from any location. Many interior designers work remotely from different locations.

The modern world has provided all the convenient solutions to interior designers. From hunting suitable interior design projects to delivering projects in the form of softcopy to getting paid online.

Depending on the area of your expertise you can find clients online make a deal with them by pitching your idea and execute it online from anywhere in the world.

Final Words

Interior design is a vast industry. It is in demand among people worldwide. With the growing awareness interior designers have to compete smartly in the market. They need to travel and make them selves better with each passing day.

Traveling in nowadays is an essential requirement to gain exposure, and also to fulfil different project requirements. If it is a client meeting or visiting project site traveling becomes un-avoidable.

So, if you are stepping into interior design professional world, than you need to be prepared to travel. You might be required to travel within your own country, and at times outside country.

Written By: Adil Masood Qazi