How Can I Decorate My Study Room – Like A Pro

How can I Decorate my study room? Well, you can change paint, redesign old book shelves, improve lighting, install wood flooring, etc. The ideas to decorate your study room can be enormous.

Decorating your home is a fun and interesting way of creating comfortable space. We all love to spend time in a place that is designed according to our liking and functionality. How can I Decorate my study room is just one of such projects.

Study room decor refers to decorating and designing a place where you can study or create your little home office. Study room are decorated mostly to reflect your interest and personality . It should have your character.

I know not all of us have study rooms in our homes. But don’t worry you can create one. There are plenty of spaces in a house to create a little study room space.

For example you can create a small corner under the stair ways or you can have a small room build for this purpose. Either way decorating study room can be as much fun as decorating any other room.

This article will explore all the basic decorating things and ideas you need to know for decorating a study room like professionals.

Study Room Decor – The Basics

Since study room is a dedicated area for either study or doing home office work, it should reflect its purpose. This can be achieved by knowing what study room should have.

It is very important to know how you should manage the study room space like a designer and a decorator.

Here is a quick list of basic things to know about the study room design and decorating:

  • You should select an area for the study room which is slightly away from the noisy areas like living room
  • If you do not have a separate study room than choose area that has a less footfall.
  • Try to make sure you paint study room walls with pastel soothing color combinations.
  • Try to make the study room area less cluttered.
  • Choose furniture that is comfortable and meets ergonomic standards especially your desk and chair
  • Prefer natural light, it can bring in warmth and a natural view
  • Experiment with artificial light. It will improve decor nd keep your interest in study room space.
  • Focus on building an organized space where things are handy to get when yo need them.

These are the basic things to get stared with your study room decor project. Now lets get to know a few more basics before moving further with our topic. These little things are a must know to decorate and design your study area masterfully.

Best Direction To Study Room

There is a best practice to place the study room furniture in a certain direction for positive energy vibes. As a rule of thumb according to Vastu, you should either face East or West direction for studying.

This is a myth but according to ancient believes by wise men, for example, to acquire skills students should study by sitting in West direction.

Decorate Your Study Room With Style

Study room is a personal space and you should try to give study room decor your character, your likings and your own memories. There are many ways to decorate study room. Let’s dive a bit and see how you can also use these decorating styles.

Personalize Your Study Room

Think of this particular point as filling the space with your favorite life time memories, from collectables to your childhood pictures.

You can place your favorite rug, your most liked colors and rare collection of books.

Tip: Make a list of decor items which you have in your collection as memories and use them smartly in your study room decor without making a clutter.

This is how the study room can have a true character of yourself.

Use Smart Organizers For Decorating Study Room Walls

Book shelves and organizing shelves are an essential part of study room decor. These wall to wall book shelves can not only organize books, but other decor items. You can paint the inside shelves with a complimenting color to walls or interior. This can add an extra spice to the ambiance. Installing led lights inside the shelves can do the magic also. You can use decorative crates for storage purposes. These storage crates can be stacked one over the other. These can store your loose papers and look beautiful at the same time.

Proper Light Placement

Natural light provides warmth in the room, and is a good day time source of light. Whereas artificial lights can fulfil two important purposes. First you can have an adjustable light in your study room, especially a focused light on study desk. Secondly an ambient light can be smartly used to create dramatic effect especially at night.

Yo can use robe light with warm light as indirect source of ambient light. You can use table and floor lamps as well for creating attractive and dramatic environment.

Create An Adventure

We all enjoy spaces which are decorated by experimenting and are different, unique in settings. You can create an adventure into the study room by playing with color schemes that are not conventionally used. Textures in fabrics / leather, various sizes of furniture and decorative objects. You can use dramatic light effects and feature walls to create an interest in the room.

Blend shiny and matte surfaces to keep visual and physical interest in object finishes. Keep yourself motivated to try new things and the adventure will guide you what to decorate with.

Don’t Over Do Your Decor

People generally get overwhelmed while decorating their rooms. Over doing can lead to cluttered spaces that lack breathing spaces and an air of freshness. The best approach to decorating a space is through minimalist style. It is modern contemporary and in trend always. You will get to keep fewer things carefully to build an ambience. Cluttered space can cause distractions and stress.

Always remember the purpose of this room is to concentrate and study or do your office work. Decor of this place should give you comfortable feel rather than give you tension, stress and restlessness.

How to Decorate A Small Study Room Like a [Pro]

Decorating small study room can be tricky and challenging at the same time. The best way of decorating small study room is to follow minimalist decorating style and use modular furniture to fit in small size of the room.

I am not saying that make your small study room look boring by not decorating it properly. You should smartly enhance the decor with few eye catchy items and ideas.

You can adjust your book cabinet from wall to wall and adjust your study table inside the wall mounted shelves as modular unit. Try wooden floor it gets attention and looks beautiful.

Get custom designed furniture to suit the need of your space. This will make your small space look more organized and and stuffed with heavy weight furniture. Try placing rugs with subdued and light motifs to look the space an open feel. Similarly you can paint your walls with neutral colors for a spacious feel.

Instead of bigger wall art in size go for small size miniature art work to give the walls a decluttered feel. Try to make everything look fit in according to the size of the room. This idea alone can help you decor better in small study rooms. Place a bunch of natural plants in one corner, this will give your small room a fresh look and feel in decor.

Study Room Decorating Ideas For Your Home

How Can I Decorate My Study Room

How Can I Decorate My Study Room

Final Thoughts – Study Room Decor

Study room decor can be done and managed in a number of ways. A lot depends on the size of your room, your liking, budget and how bold can yo get with experimenting. Study room decor should be based on the idea of less is more if the room size is average.

the style of decor you select also matters as you can give a character and personality to space through this style. Just try a few ideas mentioned in this article to see what you can do. Just stay original and you will see that you will be able to create a space you could own, and not just like a visual copied from internet.

Have fun decorating your study room.

Written by: Soha

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