Is Ceramic Tile Bad? (Answered)

Is ceramic tile bad? Well, the answer is no ceramic tile has its own unique advantages and value. There are number of tiles available in market, and all of them have their own benefits. Interior designers use these tiles including ceramic tiles for various purposes at different places in the house. Ceramic tile give your home decor style, and a unique feel of luxury.

Tiles are generally of square and rectangular shape made out of different materials like clay, stone, plastic, engineered wood and many other composite materials.

Ceramic tiles like other tiles are available online and offline in different colors, textures, sizes and patterns. Their usage depends upon the selected style of decor and theme and the interior designers planning.

In this detailed article we will explore about ceramic tiles and their importance in residential and commercial interior design projects. Ceramic tiles hold their own value, and are not bad as a material for cladding.

So let’s dive in and explore ceramic tiles.

Is Ceramic Tile Bad? A Quick Inside

What is Ceramic Tile?

Ceramic tiles are made out by heating clay into a permanent hard form and than glazing them for a decorative look. In old days ceramics were made out of baking clay in kiln and mostly pottery was made out of it. With advancement in technology modern ceramic has other items made also other than tiles, like medical implants and refrigerator magnets, etc.

A lot of patterns, colors and textures are made on the surface of baked clay tile. These tiles are available in square and rectangular shapes.

 Ceramic tiles are often used on bathroom walls and kitchen floor surface. They are easy to install and fit in different rooms sizes with easy to maintain option. Interior designer use ceramic tiles for creating feature walls in hallway, living room lobby and in kitchen area.

This makes ceramic tiles useful, and an important material for wall and floor cladding. Some of the common ceramic sizes include, 12″x 24″ – 24″ x 24″ – 12″ x 48″.

Types of Ceramic tiles – What You Should Know

There are mainly three types of ceramic tiles available in the market. All these three types of ceramic tiles have their own uses.

Interior designers and architects use these types to furnish walls and floors as per requirement.

Here are the three types of ceramic tiles:

1: Glazed Ceramic Tiles

2: Unglazed Ceramic Tiles

3: Porcelain

Glazed ceramic tiles surface is covered with coating of liquid glass in their second firing process. This brings a shine to the surface of the tile.

Unglazed ceramic tiles lack this process of protective covering of liquid glass. The unglazed tiles have a matte surface.

Porcelain tiles are generally made out of diner and denser clay than the normal ceramic tiles. The variation in material and baking temperature is what makes porcelain tiles slightly different from ceramic tiles.

Ceramic Tiles are available for indoor and outdoor purposes in many beautiful patterns and themes. Beautiful medallion designs are made out of ceramic tiles for hallways and car porch.

Mostly ceramic tiles are used on patios, side walkways, and pool area. The out door ceramic tiles are manufactured keeping many factors like, high temperatures, and water resistance.

So, till now I’m sure the question, is ceramic tile bad? by now must have cleared, but let’s get into a bit more detail. Here is a quick FAQ to answer some of the common concerns about ceramic tiles


Is ceramic tile sustainable?

Ceramic tiles are sustainable from it’s material till it’s making process. Ceramic tiles are environmentally friendly.

Is ceramic tile good for bathroom?

Ceramic tiles is one of the best choice for bathroom floor. Top of the line ceramic tiles in various colors and patterns elevate bathroom decor. Ceramic tiles resist stains, and does not absorb bacteria and odors.

Do Ceramic Tiles Crack Under Heat?

Yes, ceramics tiles can crack if they are exposed to different temperatures of heat. Small to medium cracks may appear with long and varying temperatures to exposed heat.

Do Ceramic Tiles Fade?

Colors of ceramic tiles are fast and they rarely fade. The color become fast and permanent when the ceramic tiles are baked under heat. Even direct exposure of sun does not fade the ceramic tiles color.

How Long Do Ceramic Tiles Last?

Ceramic tiles are hard enough to get damaged quickly they can last somewhere between 70 years to 100 years if taken care off. The age of ceramic tiles will depend on how they are used and maintained. 

Do Ceramic Tiles Expand and Contract

Ceramic tiles like any other tile expand and contract under varying heat temperatures. Generally cracks and bulging appear during this process.

Final Thoughts

Is ceramic tile good? is probably the question many home owners ask themselves before buying ceramic tiles. Ceramic tile is good for interior and exterior use for many reasons. The most important thing is how interior designers or home owners use ceramic tiles. A lot will also depend on the color scheme and design of ceramic tiles.

Ceramic tiles have their own advantages and qualities. They are preferred for different areas in the house like, bathroom, kitchen, lobby and outdoor spaces.

So, if your are renovating your home and looking for tiles, I would suggest try ceramic tiles, they look good and are available in various sizes, color, textures and patterns.

Written by: Adil Masood Qazi