Is kitchen Island Necessary? No, And Here Is Why

Is kitchen island necessary is a question that has a pretty straight forward answer and that is “No”. Kitchen is place where different kind of activities are performed. These various tasks need space and tools storage. Traditional to modern kitchen evolution has introduced many concepts just like kitchen island.

There are number of factors that lead us to decide if kitchen island is needed or not. Though kitchen island gives you the liberty of adding more counter and storage space.

In this short article we will explore if you really need kitchen island.

So, let’s dive in.

Is Kitchen Island Necessary? A Quick Answer

Deciding if you need kitchen island depends upon many things that will help you decide if kitchen island is necessary.

Here are the two most important things to consider while making a decision about installing kitchen island.

1: Space in the kitchen

Available kitchen space is one the most important factor to decide if you really need kitchen island. The average kitchen space for houses under 1500 sqft is 100 sqft and for bigger houses ranging to 4000 sqft the kitchen space required is between 200 to 238 sqft.

The ideal size required for kitchen island is 4 feet in length, and 2 feet in depth. Space therefore plays a key role in deciding if kitchen island is necessary.

2: Personal liking for kitchen island

Do you really like an island built in the center of the kitchen? Well, your personal liking for kitchen island is very important. There is yet another point to keep in mind before you opt for kitchen island is that do they look good in a closed kitchen plan. If your kitchen plan is closed, and has a door, kitchen island may look out of place. It will make the kitchen space congested. These two considerations are very important in understanding if you need kitchen island.

Let’s dive in a bit deeper in exploring about the necessity of kitchen island.

Kitchen Island – The Advantages

There are a few mentionable advantages of Kitchen Island.

  • Increased kitchen counter space for cutting and cooking preparation
  • Increase storage space for kitchen tools and utensils
  • Space for quick tea and breakfast space in kitchen
  • Increased counter space for placing small kitchen appliances

Kitchen Island – The Disadvantages

  • Disturbs the room flow
  • Wiring problems that is required to supply appliances with electric power
  • Extra budget is needed to construct the kitchen island
  • Can make an overall space of the kitchen tight for performing tasks

How Much Will it Cost To Build a Kitchen Island?

Kitchen island is a luxury that one can construct in their kitchen according to the available space. Since it is not a traditional practice, therefore building kitchen island depends on the available budget and personal liking. The price of constructing kitchen island varies according to the use of material, design and functionality. The average price of the kitchen island may vary between $3000 to $5000. The most expensive thing in the kitchen island is the counter top.

Does a Kitchen Island Add Value?

Kitchen island is an extra luxury element in kitchen. Modern houses with open kitchen concepts are very popular. The kitchen island in houses does increase the value of the property. But everything boils down to if there is actually the need of the island and if the space allows you to install it.

Is kitchen Island Necessary? – Final thoughts

Kitchen island provides an extra space in the kitchen. It looks good and gives the feel of the luxury and class. But it is not a necessary installation that you require in the kitchen. Kitchen island blends well if the kitchen has an open plan. Open kitchen plans come mostly with kitchen island. Kitchen island is not a necessary thing in your kitchen, but if the space allows, and you like kitchen island than why not.

Written by: Adil Masood Qazi