Is Victorian Style Modern? (Answered)

Victorian is a popular classic style of interior, but Victorian style is not modern. Interior design industry moves at a fast pace with quick changes in concepts, materials and executions.

The history of interior design can be tracked down with tons of styles that have influenced a particular era.

This brief article will explore if Victorian style is Modern.

So, let’s dive in..

Is Victorian Style Modern? A Quick Inside Into Victorian vs Modern Style

The Victorian style was named after Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom who ruled during the 19th century.

This interior style is characterized by ornate and elaborate details, such as decorative moldings, high ceilings, and intricate patterns in furniture, decor and soft furnishings.

Victorian style is often associated with grandeur and opulence, it reflected the royalty and class.

Today, the Victorian style is not considered modern as it is associated with intricate and detailed work.

Where as modern style is simple, minimalist and does not carry complex detailing.

However, some elements of Victorian style, such as the use of bold colors, patterns, and textures, can be incorporated smartly into modern design style to capture a sense of elegance and sophistication.

Today, interior designers replicate the characteristics of Victorian style only when the client demands it.

The modern style trends are liked by people. The modern style of interior design reflects clean lines, simple forms, solid colors and less intricate work.

The concept of de-cluttered space prevails and blends well in modern interior spaces to support the contemporary architectural style.

Modern style in interior design follows on providing the optimum functionality with minimalist aesthetics.

Here is a comparison table between Victorian and Modern Style:

Victorian Style Modern Style
Ornate and elaborate detailing Clean lines, minimal decor and ornamentation
Decorative moldings where ever applicable Emphasis on simplicity in design
High ceilings Open floor plans
Intricate patterns in fabric, decor and furniture Use of natural materials
Grandeur and opulence Functionality and straight lines
Elaborated use of color Neutral color palette
Historically specific No specific historical reference
Limited use of design technology Incorporation of latest technology to produce designs
Not environmentally friendly Emphasis on sustainability

In summary, Victorian style is not modern as both styles have their distinguished characteristics.

Victorian vs Modern style both have their inspirational influence on contemporary interior designers, but only as style to be used according to the need and demand of clients.

Written by: Adil Masood