Organic Interior Design Concept – Organic Modern Interior Ideas

Organic interior design concept is important to understand and apply in modern world. Interior design is an art of planning and decorating interior spaces. We all love to design and decorate room spaces. All of rooms within a house involve lot of items of functional and decorative use. If you are a an interior design enthusiast than you must be familiar that interior design concepts keep changing rapidly.

From classic to modern, to sustainable and organic modern interior design industry designers experiment with different decorating styles to build beautiful environments.

Organic Interior Design Concept – A Look Into Organic Modern Interior Design

Organic interior design concept refer to the use of natural materials and forms for the purpose of designing and decorating spaces. Another organic interior design concept involves the use of flowing and curved lines dominating interior items from furniture to decor. Organic modernism in interior design involves mid century modern interior style with organic elements for design and decor.

This short article will explore how organic interior design concept works.

So, lets get started.

How Did Organic Design Start?

Frank Lloyd Wright was an American architect and designer. He believed in developing a relationship and a bond between nature and people. He wanted to create a balance between natural and manmade products. 

Frank Lloyd Wright laid the foundation of what we know as organic design. He is the pioneer who brought the “organic concepts” in architecture and interior design.

Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture

What Is Organic Style Interior Design?

As we all know interior design is all about creating functional spaces in an aesthetically pleasing environment. Interior designers take references from many sources, including history and nature.

From modern themes, classic styles to so many other decorating styles interior designers create ambience for residential and commercial spaces. 

Organic interior design is a nature inspired and driven style, it is the perfect solution for eco friendly design. Modern organic interior design styles is a blend of the Mid Century modern style with the concept of using natural materials.

Using natural materials to create environments and other functional items like furniture is an evergreen trend now.

Organic Modern Interior Design Inspired By Nature

Nature has a lot of beautiful characteristics. It is without doubt the most perfect  representation of balance, symmetry, color, form, function, shapes and beauty. Nature is the ultimate source of inspiration when it comes to understanding aesthetics.

Designers get inspired by lot of eco friendly design that are born in nature. 

Architects and designers from different fields use aesthetics inspired from nature in developing architectural forms, manufacturing ad creating furniture design to using color schemes in their designs.


organic architecture
Organic inspired aesthetics in architecture


organic inspired aesthetics in furniture
organic inspired aesthetics in furniture

Organic Modern Interior Design Ideas 

Interior design and decorating is an art that require masterful eye. You can bring in the organic elements in a number of ways. Organic modern interior design, and home decorating have celebrated using natural materials and natural curved organic forms since long now.

Designers have started using a blend of contemporary and natural materials like wood, stone, cotton and other eco friendly materials in interior design and decor. Thus making eco design as an evergreen trend worldwide.

Expert interior designers suggest solid wood planks for flooring options as a sustainable and organic solutions. Organic modernism in color (Informative article) is all about muted earth tones for color schemes.

Bringing nature either through colors existing in nature or incorporating natural plants and other materials is as essential characteristic of organic driven concepts.

You must have noticed modern organic interior architecture has introduced the concept of indoor landscape. There are other organic approaches in involving natural material and ideas.

For example, more light coming indoors is focused as an important character of organic interior design. Large windows are therefore build in contemporary architectural buildings and houses to support this idea.

Organic interior design concepts has also made using recycled items a trend. Eco friendly products are available easily now online and offline. Organic interior design concept is a healthy and stylish lifestyle. This is an an evergreen solution to a healthier life.

You can use organic design solutions at every stage of building your house. From laying the foundations to finding more energy efficient ways to make your home environmental and eco friendly.

Decluttering your home is an important stage in the process of decorating and designing your home. Get rid of all the useless and unnecessary things from your house.

Bring in and place just the ones you need. Make sure these are made with organic materials. A lot of organic home decorating items are available online and offline.

Organic Modern Interior Design – 6 Characteristics to Know

Elements of Modern Interior Design

Organic design is a popular concept. Living close to nature in harmony is the essential key focus of organic design. Organic design a certain set rules or characteristics that defines it. 

Here are 6 characteristics of organic modern interior design:

1: Minimum Ornamentation

Organic design is a nature inspired design. One of the key characteristics of organic design is that it has little or no ornamentation.  Organic design represent natural ornamentation or pattern.

For example natural grain of wood is he best surface pattern designers use instead of carvings.

2: Minimalist Approach in Architecture

Architectural design is more simple and allows a lot of light for interior spaces. Lines of architectural are organic. Sleek and simple approach of construction becomes the character of the building.

It is the minimalist architectural forms that becomes the true representation of organic concept.

3: Minimalist Furniture Forms

Furniture is an essential part of residential and commercial interior design. Minimalist approach in furniture design is all about neat. straight and simple lines. Heavy carvings and bulky look of furniture pieces is avoided.

4: Soft and Muted Color Palette

Nature has many tones of soft and fresh colors which make an earthly palette. Modern organic design is a combination of muted and soft color schemes, This soft and muted color schemes are used in fabrics, accessories and furniture.

Neutral colors are an evergreen way of home interior decor. 

5: Open and Spacious Floor Plan Design

Organic design characteristics involve the feel of open spaces. Organic design has less furniture and more movement areas as its key focus character. 

6: Simple and Natural Materials

The use of organic or natural materials is an obvious characteristics of organic design. Natural wood for example is preferred from construction of the building to making up of interior architecture. 

Architects and interior designers compliment the spaces by using materials like concrete, glass, cast iron, steel and wood.

These 6 characteristics defines modern organic design from architecture to interior design. Designers worldwide use organic interior design concepts to provide comfortable and nature driven lifestyle to their clients.

What Is Modern Organic Decor? 

Modern organic decor refer to using decorative items that are made from natural material. Using forms and and colors that exist in nature can make your room decor more attractive and healthy. You can use organic textiles from curtains to bed sheets, among many options. 

Here is a very short list of organic materials to give you an idea:

1: Linen

2: Leather

3: Bamboo

4: Reclaimed wood

5: Stone

6: Wool

7: Metal

8: Concrete

9: Ceramic Decor

The earth color palette that has a close resemblance to colors that exists in nature is:

1: Blue

2: Beige

3: Yellow

4:  Rust

5: Brown

6: Orange

7: Grey

Organic and natural forms can make very smooth architectural lines. Curved are nature inspired lines gives a very relaxing feeling in an environment. 

Here is a video clip of Frank Lloyd Wright organic architecture design inspired by nature:

Why Is Organic Interior Design Concept Important?

We live in a world full of stress and anxiety. The daily routine of individuals is full of drams and a robotic lifestyle. Organic interior design concept creates a harmony between man and nature through design.

The elements of design are deliberately made to represent nature or inspired from nature. This type of design present a very soothing and calm feeling as a result.

Using wood, lot of light, water and natural materials within a house can reflect organic living style.

Nature is full of peaceful surprises. It is full of healthy and toxic free materials. Using them alone can make a big difference in our daily lives making us healthy physically and mentally.

7 Organic Modern Interior Design Bedroom Ideas 

Bedroom is the place that needs to be soothing and most comfortable. It is relaxing and resting place in the house. You can design your bedroom using organic materials. 

Here is how you can use organic materials in bedroom:

  • Bed is the place where you lay down and relax. It should carry bedsheets that are manufactured using organic materials and organic dyed materials.
  • You can decorate your bedroom with natural plants. Natural plants are non toxic. You can place them in corners of your bedroom.
  • You can use natural wood floor instead of engineered wood floors. If you want to use engineered wooden floor make sure they are manufactured using less toxic chemicals.
  • You can furnish floor with rugs made out of natural materials like cotton or wool.
  • You can use furniture made out of natural wood.
  • You can use curtains made out of organic fabric.
  • You can use ceramic pottery and decorations

These are few ways you can design your bedroom using organic materials.

How Do I Use Color In Organic Modern Interior Design?

Color definitely is the key ingredient in making interior design attractive and beautiful. Using organic color palette in your interior design project is simple and with little effort you can choose perfect colors. There are a lot of color and its variation that exists in nature. 

The two type of categories that can be made out of organic color palette are:

  • Warm Neutrals / Earth Tone Colors
  • Cool Blue Color Palette

Warm Neutrals / Earth Tone Colors

The warm neutral color palette basically are earth tones like browns, yellow, rust, red, orange, beige, occur and pink. These are the color that give your living are a warmth look.

warm color interior design

Cool Blue Color Palette

Cool color palette in nature contains color like blue, sky blue, purple, etc. The cool colors can be combined smartly with the warm colors to create a unique and comfortable ambiance. 

Cool colors are generally know to create relaxing and calm environments. Color wheel chart can make you understand the range of cool and warm colors. Both cool and warm color have their own unique affects on human psychology.

cool color interior

Conclusion – Organic Modern Interior Design

Getting some hours away from the stress free life into an organically deigned home can provide you with a healthy and peaceful solution of lifestyle. Organic modern interior design concept can make you enjoy the calmness of nature right from the comfort of your bedroom.

Organic modern interior design concept is an evergreen trend that has yet to see more creative solutions to make your home a real comfortable living place.

Written By: Adil Masood Qazi