Two Accent Walls In Same Room – Are They Worth It?

Two accent walls in the same room, well this idea is not much heard of. Yes, you can have two accent walls in same room if they can look good without disturbing the balance of the room.

Interior design is all about creating functional spaces and creating attractive ambience. Lot of effort goes into play while creating a comfortable and loveable living space.

Interior designers take inspirations from various sources and apply creative concepts in rooms to make them attractive

Interior spaces as a whole are filled with different items according to rooms and clients required.

Interior design industry is rapidly growing globally. All type of information about interior design is now pretty easy to access from any corner of the world.

So, new and experimental ideas are now possible to visualize and execute.

This is making interior design a very challenging field for interior designers.

This short article will explore about feature walls, and if you can make two feature walls in same room.

So! let’s dig a bit deeper into answering this question.

Two Feature Walls in Same Room – Yes or No

Accent Walls are also known as feature walls. These may also be termed as focus walls.

Interiors designers play and experiment with a number of options when it comes to making rooms look beautiful.

Interesting color combinations, smooth, rough textures, creative interior detailing and smart furniture layout, designers use everything to achieve their goals.

Feature walls play their part in achieving the goals of room beautification.

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Accent Walls are different from the rest of walls in their paint applications decor, and wall cladding treatments

Two feature walls in one room can have similar wall treatments or maybe different, depending on the design and theme.

They can have same paint color or wooden cladding design or maybe opposite.

The rooms with two same prominent walls or maybe two different walls are rare.

It becomes tricky to handle and design two ddifferent walls in one room.

If the room is smaller in size or walls have windows and doors in them, it becomes even more difficult to treat them.

Here are a few reasons two different walls in same room can cause disturbance.

Visual Movement Disturbance 

Our eyes are trained to admire and appreciate anything that is different , unique and beautiful.

Two accent walls in same room will disturb the concentration of focusing on one point of interest.

The movement of the eye will not be able to focus on one area, and as a result the whole effort of Designing two walls will lose impact.

Decluttered Space 

Interior spaces are designed keeping two important factors in consideration.

One is the functionality of the interior space(which varies with every room), and second is it’s aesthetic appeal.

Designing two accent walls in same room can make room seem decluttered.

Feature walls needs extra treatment from paint to artistic detailing like for example wooden (or any other recommended material) boarders at the edges.

Accent or feature walls may need that extra skin of wall cladding in a different material, design and application.

Most commonly one would want to hang paintings or pictures from single bigger size to many smaller ones.

Everyone would want to decorate their feature walls. Lot of people decorate accent walls with their collectables of various nature, antique plates for example.

Prominent walls are decorated with wall lights that blend with the theme of the room.

All these treatments on two accents walls will make an average size room look way more filled up. This can make room congested and cluttered.

Rooms Look Smaller 

The idea of making two focus walls in same space sounds fascinating, interesting and uniques.

It sure does, but before one jumps onto the idea, factors like above should be considered seriously.

Modern architecture almost works on the construction of an average size rooms.

Of course, if you do own a mega mansion, two accent walls in same room can be easily managed (considering the rooms are more than an average size).

The average room sizes with two accent or feature walls in same room can be a disaster. Your rooms will look congested and smaller size.

Two many players playing a match can make you lose the match altogether.

Similarly making two focus walls in same room may end up making them over decorated as well.

Final Thoughts 

Two accent walls in same room sounds interesting, but at the same time can turn the tables upside down.

Accent Walls have been an evergreen style of making rooms look different, unique and beautiful.

The idea of making feature walls blend well with any style of interior design.

Two accent walls in one room can cause the balance of the room to get disturbed.

Treating feature walls with doors, and windows can also be a challenge in itself.

Interior designers avoid making two feature walls in same room as a practice they know will not work, and may cause problems in longer run.

Written by: Adil Masood Qazi