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I have always found interior design history as a rich source of inspirations. There are many different decorating styles in history to get inspired from. Among them the Victorian decorating style is an evergreen style representing rich, overly done treatment of ornamental design of every object from furniture to accessories. It fit and blends well in traditional architectural house building styles. Today interior designers like to blend different decorating styles in modern architecture setting.

Victorian style is interesting in many ways, and in this article we will explore the core characteristics of Victorian decorating style.

Victorian Decorating Style Characteristics You need to Know

Victorian era decorating represents a heavy ornamental, overly decorative style. It was a popular decor style in Queen Victoria’s era between 1830 – 1910. Queen Victoria ruled England for well over 60 years.

The Victorian decor reflected romantic, richly decorative and warmth image of decorating style. It was a popular style among people and it was an expensive decorating style.

Everything in interior design layout from furniture, fabric, tapestries to artwork and decorative accessories were overly done with ornamental treatments.

I have compiled a short list of Answers to questions for your better understanding about the “Victorian Decorating Style”.

Lets explore quick common questions:

Is Victorian a decorating style?

Yes, Victorian is a style, the word Victorian is associated to the time period when Queen Victoria ruled England for a period extending 60 Years. The Victorian period was a blend of Gothic Revival, Italianate, Romanesque styles of decor. It was a style that was rich in decorative treatment of surfaces of almost every object giving it a rich and classy look.

How you can get a Victorian decor Look?

Victorian style represents very richly design ornamentation on object surfaces. So you can add decorating things which have intricate patterns on them to give a Victorian look. You can add ornamental mirror frames, decorative boxes, intricate fabric patterned upholstery and curtains.

Woodwork on ceilings with ornamental patterns. Adding such thing to your room interior will give a Victorian feel and look.

What does Victorian furniture look like?

The key character of Victorian furniture is the intricate patterns in wood carving designs. These intricate wood carvings have leafy, scrolls, and organic forms in its design. Further, the upholstery fabrics are rich in color with similar closely over done ornamental designs on its surface.

This character of furniture give it a rich look. You can easily tell a furniture piece represents Victorian style by judging this on the mentioned criteria.

What wood type was used for making Victorian furniture?

Walnut wood was used to make Victorian furniture most of the times. Smaller furniture pieces were generally made and carved out of walnut wood eg. coffee tables, night stands, study tables etc. But for larger pieces like dining tables and cabinets Mahogany wood was used.

Is Victorian furniture evergreen style?

Victorian furniture style is a classic representation of historic era. With its ornamental surface treatments it reflects rich living style. Modern day interior designers still use Victorian style decorating and blends it with modern look to create interior environments. Victorian furniture is still in style and used in classic traditional architecture interiors.

What colors are considered as Victorian?

Victorian color palette is a combination of muted colors with vibrant contrasting hues. Victorian color palette include color hues like, beige, brown, ochre etc. along with all colors which creates dramatic contrast.

How do I make my room look Victorian style?

You can easily make your room look Victorian style by doing the following things:

  • Add Carved furniture with intricate organic patterns
  • Use leafy, scroll and organic patterns that are delicate and closely woven
  • Use highly ornamental decorative accessories, like boxes, table lamps, mirror frames, classic paintings
  • Add ornamentation in your room interior like carved skirting, dado or ceiling cornice
  • Add rich vibrant curtains with intricate patterns
  • Add a fireplace with carved pillars

Adding such highly ornamental surface treated objects will make your room look Victorian.

Final Thoughts – Victorian Decorating Style Interior

Victorian decorating style interior is an evergreen decor style. It is most suitable decorating style for a traditional architectural spaces. Victorian decorating style is all about over done design treatments of objects let it be furniture or fabrics.

Today many interior designers blend modern decorating style with Victorian style to build an ambiance.

The characteristics of Victorian design philosophy revolves are a rich and glandular majestic look. This look is achieved through the use of highly ornamented surface treatments.

So, if you are thinking of re-doing your house interior deco, try Victorian style of decorating.

Have Fun!

Written By: Soha

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