Wallpaper Behind Bed – Why Should You Use It?

Home decorating is a fun and interesting activity. We do decorating renovations in our rooms to make them look comfortable and attractive.

Bedroom is a special and a very personal place for relaxing and taking a stress free sleep.

Wallpaper behind bed is what most interior designers use smartly to create a relaxing yet attractive ambiance. Wallpaper in modern times has been a trendy replacement for traditional paint. But this does not mean the value of paint has gone down.

People are not crazy enough to use wallpaper completely replacing the paint. Instead they use wallpaper to create accent and feature walls.

In this very short article we will explore the only reason wallpaper behind bed works like a magic.

So! let’s get started!

Wallpaper Behind Bed – Turn Headboard Wall Into a Feature Wall

We paint our bedrooms with colors that blends, and goes with our interior design theme as a general practice.

Most of the times the interior decorators like to use pastel and muted paint colors to create a soothing and relaxing environment.

The modern technology and creative concepts in interior design industry has introduced wallpaper as a valuable addition to wall finishing and covering solution.

Interior designers use wall paper in a variety of creative ways to cover the walls.

One of the best reason to use wallpaper behind bed is that it creates a feature wall or a focus wall in the bedroom. Your bed is the only big piece of furniture in the bedroom.

It draws eyes of anyone who enters the bedroom.

The wall behind your bed must be decorated to make it look attractive.

It is a good choice to install wallpaper.

There are many design options available in wallpapers.

They can range from abstract to different nature based themes.

They can be even in solid colors with variety of textures. (Both physical and visual).

You can select wallpaper behind bed depending upon your choice and interior design theme.

The only thing to avoid is that the design and color of wallpaper should not be loud.

Bold and strong vibrant colors may disturb the relaxing environment of bedroom.

Feature walls are always a proven way of attracting the attention and creating a dramatic ambiance.

Wallpapers covering behind the bed headboard can be a good idea to create the focus or feature wall. Maybe adding a chic style wallpaper behind bed can elevate the whole ambiance of the bedroom, you never know!

You can find lot of visual references from sites like Pinterest.

The core purpose of the article is to let you think that wallpaper behind bed can be used to turn the wall into a feature wall with special creative treatments (Like installation of robe lights). The rest of the walls in your bedroom can be painted with a complimenting color.

3d Wallpaper For Bedroom Walls Designs

3d wallpapers are in trend and can make a good choice of wallpaper for bedroom walls, especially wall behind your bed.

3d wallpaper will add the illusion of depth in the design, and it will make the wallpaper behind bed wall to look interesting and eye catchy.

Since wallpaper is an easy to use solution to elevate the bedroom walls.

It can turn out to be a good experiment to use different wallpaper styles, like 3d wallpapers.

Within 3d wallpapers you can get variety of themes.

How to Choose Wallpaper Behind Bed

Choosing wallpaper behind bed will depend on some very important factors:

Here we go!

  • Overall size of your bedroom
  • Size of your headboard wall
  • Selection of your bedroom decorating theme (Design and Color Palette)
  • Height of bedroom ceiling and its design
  • Your personal liking and disliking
  • Whose bedroom is it? (Adults, teens or children)
  • Safety in installation (Using all the materials that are non toxic)
  • The right choice of wallpaper brand (For durability and after sale service)
  • Price range (Depending upon your budget)
  • The design of installation of wallpaper(With in a certain molding frame or wall edge to edge without frame)
  • The impact it can create in bedroom
  • Placement and installation style of the bedroom lights

These are a few considerations you can think before choosing wallpaper behind bed to create a feature wall.

Final Thought

Wallpapers are a good alternative to paint if you want to create feature walls. Wall behind your bed is a perfect place to install wallpaper and turn it into a focus wall. As mentioned in article the primary reason to select wallpaper behind bed wall is that it will turn into a center of attraction.

Bedroom is a relaxing place where you would like to spend stress free time and fall into a sound sleep. Soft and soothing colors and pattern wallpaper can just provide this setting. Paint has it limitations when it comes to offering patterns of different sorts like abstract and nature inspired.

Humanly it is difficult to get that kind of precision and resemblance, therefore wallpapers can do the trick. You can experiment with wallpapers and its installation styles (framed or unframed with built in lighting fixtures in molding) to create bedroom ambiance.

I am sure you can visit number of visual resources available online and get inspiration. Just improvise the existing ideas or create your own design of installation and have fun.

Just turn wallpaper behind bed to work as feature wall element, and let the magic happen!

Written by: Soha

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