What Color To Paint Interior Doors And Trim [Answered]

What Color To Paint Interior Doors And Trim depends upon the overall color scheme of your home. Picking a perfect shade for the trim needs your smart decision. Interior design ambience depends on the style or theme that you select and then everything works accordingly. Everything boils down to choosing the right color scheme that blends well with the decorating style.

It is not just the walls and floors color alone, doors and trim color is also are important. Well! “Do interior doors and trim have to match?” is a common query. “No” is the quick answer.

The style and colour of the doors and trim are entirely up to you to decide.

Painting interior doors needs smart considerations. This article will explore what color to paint the interior doors and trims.

What Color To Paint The Interior Doors And Trims – [Explained]

Coming straight to the point, I’d suggest painting all of your inside doors the same color. It just looks so nice and put up well together.

Although white has long been the standard for interior doors, which are usually painted to match the trim, there’s something enjoyable about painting them in a different colour if your decorating style allows it.

Because trim is usually white or off-white, matching your doors to the same colour will always be fashionable and trendy. It’s not necessary to paint your trim white either. Just make sure that if you choose a more bold colour, you obtain the desired impact.

Again! remember to follow the over all color scheme of the room and style.

Complimenting Color – Playing Safe

Should I Paint My Internal Doors The Same Colour As My Trim?

Most of the times interior designers do not experiment painting the doors and trims with bold color. Complementary colors for your door and trim are a wonderful way out between sticking to the safe route of matching colors and going all out with opposing colors.

You can use slightly different tints or pair fine wood grains with subdued hues by using complementary colors. You must also consider the hue of the walls when making your decision for painting doors and trims.

This is true whether you choose contrasting, complementary, or matching colors for your walls. Nice the colour of your walls will have a considerable impact on the overall look of your interior space and will determine if your trim and color combination will work.

Painting Doors and Trim Different Colors – Be Bold and Experiment

Another dimension to what color to paint interior doors and trim is the dark color trend. It is popular contemporary trend to paint the inner doors a statement colour, such as black or grey. This is a nice way to add some colour to your decor without painting a random wall as feature wall.

Again, rather than painting the feature colour on the architraves and skirting boards, only painting the door will keep the look from being too dominating.

However, if you have a lovely colour in mind – perhaps a right shade of grey – and want to make a big statement, you can paint the inside door, architrave, and skirting board all in the same hue.

Just make sure you like it and that it looks good in your interior space. Paint the lock edge the same colour as the side of the door that opens into the room if the door is painted a different colour on each side.

Can You Paint a Door 2 Different Colors?

Painting either side of the door a different color is quite appropriate. When it comes to painting the door’s borders, the color should be consistent across the board when the door is open. The inner color is painted on the top and bottom margins.

What Is The Best Contrasting Color To Paint Interior Doors?

Interior Door Paint Colors: 9 Beautiful Examples:
Blue flashes. Muted blues make excellent accent colors, and painted interior doors are a creative way to use them.

Sunshine Rays – Roses and Raindrops – Pink Boho – Subtle Blue Gray – Classic Colors – Warm Dark Neutral. Choose a hue that complements the inside and exterior walls of the space if the door is frequently left open. White, black, taupe, tan, grey, or beige are examples of neutral tones that go nicely with light or dark walls.

How Do You Paint Interior Doors and Trims

You can now a days easily paint interior doors and trims yourself. A variety of materials and color are available in market. You can even order online.

Final Thoughts

Coloring doors and trims depends on many factors. The theme or style of the decor matters in the first place. Generally our homes and office doors are painted in white color. But there is not a set rule to what color to paint your doors and trims with. Many contemporary homes now have bold and statement doors and trims in a different color to the walls of the room.

It is again a decision that depends on the decorating style and theme you select.

Written By: Soha

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