What is Glossy Finish? (Explained For Beginners)

Glossy finish is among the many finishes that makes up the look of a room. Interior designers and decorators use different types of finishes from matte to glossy to create an ambience. The answer to what is glossy finish refers to the shiny and very smooth surface appearance of any objects or item. Glossy finish in interior design is mostly used on wood in furniture, and in some cases wall cladding materials.

Every object and surface plays it’s part in making a room look good and loveable. Apart from furniture, decorative objects, surface treatments of walls, and various fabrics all are important elements to consider in interior design. Finishes in any interior spaces can make a great difference in its look good or bad. Finishes generally are unavoidable to notice.

This article will explore about glossy finishes in interior design.

So, let’s dive in.

What is Glossy Finish? A Quick Inside.

Glossy finish in modern homes plays a vital role in building beautiful looks, and increasing their value. Matte finish on the other hand is a rough finish with low to none reflective and smooth appearance. Both these finishes have their own qualities and advantages. These two finishes work in combinations most of the times in a space creating attractive looks.

What Are Types of Gloss?

Interior designers and decorators use different types of gloss for surface treatments to create their looks. There are various types of gloss which are used at different occasions as desired by the designers.

Here are a few types of gloss:

Flat: This is a paint type that has the minimum amount of gloss in it. Flat finish is mostly used to conceal the imperfections of the surface.

Velvet: This is similar to flat paint, it has a slight gloss that can be viewed from a certain angle.

Eggshell: Eggshell paint has a slight gloss in it and give the appearance of a soft sheen. Eggshell finish has a low luster, it is durable and can be used on wood and metal.

Semi gloss: Semi gloss has a good gloss and is often compared to satin finish. Light usually bounce off from the semi gloss surfaces.

Gloss: Gloss is a good finish, it has a good surface reflective quality. Gloss finish is used in modern furniture items.

High gloss: High gloss is a super smooth and shiny finish. It has a good mirror like surface reflective quality. It is the most durable and easy to clean finish.

All these glossy finishes are used as required and desired by clients. Modern furniture and other interior surfaces are treated with glossy finishes. The main advantages of using glossy finish are firstly, they protect the surface of the items. Secondly, glossy finishes are easy to clean and maintain. Thirdly, glossy finish increases the beauty of the objects. Mostly lacquer and varnish are used to give a smooth and high gloss finish.

Interior Gloss Finish – Things You Should Know

Interior design has many areas where gloss finish can be applied. Smartly apply glossy finishes on different surfaces demands knowledge of gloss, and its application. Here are few basic things to know about gloss finishes.

How Do You Get a Glossy Finish on wood?

The best way you can get a quick gloss on furniture is by using lacquer and varnish. Both can provide a good gloss to any wood surface. Both lacquer and varnish can be applied to wood surface either by spraying or using brush. Spraying though takes less time and is easy to handle and apply. Pre catalyzed lacquer is considered as the best for giving shine or gloss to any hardwood.

How To Give Paint a Glossy Finish?

Any gloss material can be easily mixed into the paint and than paint can be applied as normal. Adding gloss material in paint can give it a shine or gloss. The amount of gloss material can be added as per requirement. To bring ultra super shine to the wood surface just give it a coat of high gloss polyethene with a soft foam.

Why is My Gloss Paint Separating?

The main reason for gloss paint to crack or separate is poorly prepared base. Another major reason for high gloss finish to crack is if you apply too thin or too think layer to the surface of the wood.

What is Glossy Finish – Final Thoughts

Interior design is a rapidly growing industry with innovations in concepts, materials and execution. Interior designers with the help of changing technology have been experimenting with lot of things including the improving of finishes. Interior design environment is built with a combination of surfaces, and their visual appeal. Glossy finishes are getting popular as modern interior design is evolving, becoming better, and more luxurious.

Gloss is the sheen that is given to the surface of any material especially wood in interior design to make it look appealing. It looks good enough to give interiors a cool and trendy feel.

So, if you are thinking of redoing your home interior, try buying gloss finished furniture or other decorative items that blend well, and help you create a great looking ambience.

Written by: Adil Masood Qazi